Get A High Speed Hand Dryer, Everyone’s Talking About Them!

High speed hand dryers in your restroom will help create a positive impression of your business.

These dryer’s are truly fast!  They Dry hands completely in seconds.   If you mention high speed hand dryers to your friends or family they will most likely mention the Xlerator by Excel, ExtremeAir by American Dryer, or the Airblade by Dyson.  You will be amazed that the hand dryer actually dries your hands completely.  There is no need to stand there for a long period of time, no need to finish drying your hands by wiping them on your pants, no need to search for a paper towel dispenser. 

I know that everyone agrees with me when I say, ” A clean restroom helps create a positive image and impression of your business”.  Walk into a nasty restroom and walk out with a nasty impression.  We have all seen paper towel scattered throughout the restroom along with overflowing trash cans.   Why not eliminate it?  And how do you feel when you reach for a paper towel after washing your hands to find that there isn’t any?   Why not eliminate that also?  Replacing paper towel dispensers with a high speed hand dryer will help you create a positive image for your business.  

The Xlerator by Excel has really set a new standard in the hand dryer industry.  With it’s patented technology it dries your hands in 10-15 seconds and uses 80% less energy than traditional hand dryers.   The Xlerator is heavy-duty, lightweight, unbreakable, and rustproof.  The Xlerator comes in a variety of covers and offers a five year warranty.

The ExtremeAir hand dryer by American Dryer offers the most compact high performance hand dryer in the industry. It is 43% smaller than the old standard dryers. This compact hand dryer dries your hands in 10-15 seconds and the EXT series consumes 3 times less power than other green hand dryers .   The ExtremeAir is vandal resistant, energy efficient, maintenance free and made in the USA.  The ExtremeAir also comes in a variety of covers and offers a five year warranty.

The Airblade hand dryer by Dyson is unique and innovative .  While inserting your hands into the dryer it dries your hands in just 12 seconds. It’s the only hand dryer that’s certified hygienic by independent public health specialist NSF International  It includes a HEPA filter to capture and eliminate over 99.9% of bacteria from the air used to dry hands.   The Dyson Airblade is energy efficient, durable, and hygienic.  The Dyson Airblade has a variety of models to suit your needs and includes a five year warranty.

As a business owner you can choose to improve your image and satisfy your customers.  One area would be to update your public restroom.  Make a great investment in a high speed hand dryer.  Visit to purchase a hand dryer that everyone’s talking about!  You can also check out our other quality shopping exeriences at Http://, and  These ara all high quality trusted eCommerce sites by Category Five Technologies, Inc.

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