Warm Air Hand Dryers vs. No Heat Hand Dryers

American Dryer and all other manufactures offer warm air hand dryers but, American Dryer also offers a version of the eXtreme Air without the heating element. They are almost identical on the outside but have differences on the inside. The eXtreme Air EXT may be the greenest of the green hand dryers on the market, and it’s made in the U.S.A.

Extreme AIR GXT vs the new Extreme Air EXT by American Dryer:

The GXT is the fastest dryer with maximum performance. It is energy efficient and drys hands in 10 to 12 seconds. It has 1500 watts and is one of our best sellers. The EXT is the new greenest hand dryer with no dedicated line required. You can hook up to 3 dryers on one line! Because it doesn’t have a heating element it takes a just a couple seconds longer to dry hands but only uses 540 watts. The GXT’s temperature reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit while the EXT reaches 95 degrees. These models save 95% versus  paper towel costs and are 43% smaller than industry standard high speed dryers but are just as powerful and uses less electricity.  The EXT costs about 18 cents per 1,000 hand dries.

Let’s consider now, the Eco-Friendly SMARTdri Hand Dryer by World Dryer:

It is energy efficient, fast and hygienic. The SMARTdri is designed to optimize dry time, energy consumption and sound quality. It’s dry time is 10 seconds and the Powerful Hand Dryer is 3 times faster than traditional dryers. It is durable and vandal resistant while having an average life span of 720,000 uses. The SMARTdri has 3-speed motor controls which let you change the speed and intensity of the dryer to fit your environment. It has an ON/OFF heating option where you can turn its heating element on for when the climate is cold and off for when the climate is warm. It’s the best hand dryer for businesses that need more flexibility.

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