Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels

First off, I  have worked at the same Italian restaurant for the past 3 years. We get good business and almost always good reviews. The staff is friendly and the food is delicious, but I continuously hear the same complaint at least two times a week; the restroom floor is always a mess filled with scattered paper towel and most of the time the paper towel machines are empty. Restrooms have a big impact on a customers experience at your business. If a customer feels like the restroom is dirty, they are more than likely going to feel the same way about your entire facility. There is always something you can do to fix that.

Hand dryers not only help keep your businesses restroom clean and mess free but also has savings of 95% in cost. The cost of paper is rising regularly while the cost of running a hand dryer can be as low as $0.18 per 1,000 hand dryings. The mess is a continuous problem and requires a large amount of extra cleaning time that is not necessary. Not only does your faculty have to spend more time on cleaning the restrooms but they also have to spend more money on purchasing more cleaning chemicals and more money on trash bags that need access changing due to paper towel usage. Hand dryers discourage vandalism, save trees and teach kids good hygiene.

The Extreme Air EXT by American Dryer only uses 540 watts, and costs about 18 cents to dry hands 1,000 times.  The hand dryer will pay for itself in just a few months.

The choice is simple, hand dryers are far more reliable. Visit us at ProDryers.com, ProRestrooms.com, or CategoryFiveTechnologies.com to find the perfect hand dryer for your business.

This blog about Energy Efficient Hand Dryers and the cost savings vs. paper towels was written by Tahnee DiCicco.  We hope you enjoyed it, and look back for more topics from Tahnee soon.

3 thoughts on “Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels

  1. With regards to a resteraunt, yes I totally agree that Paper Towels are most likely a bad idea.
    You have no control over your customers and how they treat your bathrooms.

    However, if you work in an office then the Paper Towels are a better option.
    Generally speaking people in office environments will always have conflicting views, so “going green” as a whole is near impossible.

    Putting a bin bellow the paper towel dispencer worked well enough for us, no more paper towels over the floor!

    Sales Dep. @ Security Direct
    Paper Hand Towels
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  2. Very good point, and in your office situation, paper towel is often preferred. But imagine how much those paper towels cost to keep buying over and over. An Extreme Air EXT Hand Dryer costs about 18 cents to dry 1,000 hands. The amount of money you can save vs. paper towel is quite significant. Then again, many people just prefer paper towel, and understandably so. Sometimes the best cost efficient solution is to purchase a hand dryer and one paper towel dispenser. Place the paper towel dispenser right by the door so people can use paper towel to avoid touching the restroom door handle. There are also some great solutions to opening restroom doors without touching the door handle. The most common solution for an office environment is to use a combination of hand dryers and paper towel to maximize cost savings, do your part in “going green”, and still allow for paper towel when needed.

  3. It is easy enough in some cases to “go green” but in some situations it is more effort that it seems.
    I run a small Crime Prevention business in an office and this issue of “which janitorial to buy?” is one I have faced (took me a good few weeks and alot of research to make a decision!!)

    I opted for the combo of both.
    I set myself a limit on how many Paper Towels I would by at the start of each month and that is it for the month.
    I explained to my staff that they were limited, so only for use when they or really needed or in special cases; we have one young man in our office who had a phobia of door handles unless he has something in his hand to use to touch the handle.

    It has worked out nicely and even though we are running low on towels by the last week of the month, we never actually run out of them.

    Great post, thanks 🙂

    UK Crime Prevention

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