Hand Dryers for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Hand dryers are important to have in every school, college or university. They are reliable, energy efficient, and save money. There is a hand dryer out there for every age group.  If your school is looking to move to hand dryers, you’ve found the most trusted distributor of hand dryers for schools in the United States.

Children in preschool tend to be afraid of loud noises and would be intimidated by high speed hand dryer. Therefore picking a quiet hand dryer would be best. For example, the GX series by American Dryer offers exceptional value with little noise at just 63 db. It’s small and will not scare off kids intimidated by noise.

Elementary, Middle, and High schools have an endless list of hand dryers that would fit perfectly. One of the biggest reasons for buying a hand dryer is it saves your school funds and also helps keep the bathrooms clean. No more messy floors and paper towels scattered everywhere and stuffed in toilets. A high speed hand dryer such as the XLerator by Excel or the ExtremeAir by American Dryer would work great in an elementary, middle, or high school.  They dry hands in 10 to 15 seconds, use 80% less energy and has a 95% cost savings vs. paper towels.  You may want something that you can adjust in terms of speed and loudness.  The Speedflow gives you that flexibility, which is perfect for schools such as elementary or even middle schools.  Adjusting the motor brings down the decibels and quiets down the drying process for smaller children.  As the motor is adjusted down, some speed is lost, but that is all controlled by you.  The Speedflow also offers universal voltage and it’s ADA compliant right out of the box.  All these unique features make it a great choice for elementary and middle schools.

Getting into colleges and universities you tend to worry less about vandalism and messiness and worry more about a quick way for students to get in and out of the bathroom before missing an exam; they need something that will withstand thousands of uses daily. At Prodryers we offer many hand dryers that would do the job. We have a large selection of high speed hand dryers to choose from and we also offer ADA compliant hand dryers for restrooms with handicap accessibility.  Some colleges and universities may even prefer the Dyson Airblade or the Saniflow Dualflow.  Both of these hand dryers are two of the most prestigious hand dryers in the industry.

As you can see here at Prodryers we have an appropriate  hand dryer for every grade level in your schools! Visit us at Prodryers.com, ProRestrooms.com, or CategoryFiveTechnologies.com and pick out the  hand dryer that is perfect for your daycare facility, school, college or university.

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