Baby Changing Stations for Public Restrooms

Baby Changing Stations are far more important than most business owners realize. They play a huge role in the satisfaction of customers that are mothers and fathers. Every business needs a baby changing station in their public restroom, it not only keeps the customers happy but also assists in keeping your restrooms cleaner. A mother who enters a restroom with no baby changing station will more than likely use the counter top to change her baby, and when another customer walks in to see a dirty diaper on the counter next to the sink that they use to wash their hands it may make them feel a bit uneasy or as some would say “grossed out”. And on the mothers side, how do you think she may feel having to put her baby girl or boy on a uncomfortable counter top to change him or her? Every themed park, zoo, shopping center or gym needs to have a place for a parent to comfortably change their child. Parents that don’t always have the option of leaving their baby at home with a sitter while they run their errands struggle when they find themselves in a public restroom with no baby changing station.

KB200 Baby Changing Station

For example my sister in-law, Julie, takes my niece, Marissa, to dance class twice a week.  Because of conflicting schedules Julie has to also take my nephew, Mathew, with her to Marissa’s dance classes. Mathew is 2 years old and in diapers. Every time Mathew goes potty Julie has to take him into the dance studio’s restroom and change his diaper. And every time she becomes more and more frustrated with the fact that the dance studio’s restroom has no baby changing station. The dance studio probably didn’t think to put a baby changing station in their restroom because their students have to be potty trained before joining their classes, therefore there would be no necessity in purchasing one. What they don’t realize is how many students have younger siblings that tag along to the classes with their parents. The frustration that not having a baby changing station causes for parents isn’t a positive for your business. Had my nieces dance studio had a baby changing station in their restroom my sister in-law would have been satisfied and had a higher chance of spreading word of mouth how wonderful the dance studio is and could in turn bring more business in for the company.

The most popular baby changing station that companies and businesses are purchasing today are the KB-200‘s made by Koala. Available in 4 colors.

The KB-200 matches any restrooms decor. It includes a nylon safety strap and hooks for a diaper bag or purse while supporting up to 200 pounds. This is a horizontal baby changing station that lets you stand beside the baby to change him or her, for restrooms that have limited space a vertical baby changing station is also available and is sometimes easier to use because it lets you stand in front of the baby rather than beside him or her.  For higher end businesses such as hotels, resorts or 5 star restaurants a stainless steel baby changing station may satisfy your customers needs more efficiently. There are many options to take while determining which baby changing station is best for your business. Visit us at or today to order a baby changing station for your public restroom!

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