Noise Reduction Nozzle XLerator Hand Dryers

The XLerator hand dryer is top quality and industry standard. It is high speed and drys hands completely in 10 to 15 seconds. All high speed hand dryers are louder than slower traditional hand dryers.  However, the Xlerator offers a solution for facilities that need to reduce the noise levels of high speed hand dryers, giving you the energy efficiency of green eco-friendly hand dryers while still keeping the noise levels below 80 decibels.  The XLerator hand dryer offers a noise reduction nozzle free of charge. Installing the nozzle in the dryer reduces the noise level by about 10 decibels. While reducing the noise level it also will add only a couple seconds to the dry time which is hardly noticeable.  For quiet offices and churches the noise reduction will keep your employees and restroom users satisfied and not bothered by the small amount of noise coming from the restrooms.

From my experience in using high speed hand dryers in quiet settings, it has never been an issue. Usually behind the closed door of the restroom the noise is barely heard outside of it. But if for some reason the amount of noise that does leak out is a problem, noise reduction nozzles have offered a solution. If your facility isn’t super sound sensitive the noise reduction nozzle isn’t necessary. Unless the building you are in is quieter than average the noise level of the high speed hand dryer has rarely ever been a problem. To reduce the noise level of your XLerator hand dryer, visit us at or to order your noise reduction nozzle today!  Call us at 888-50-DRYER and request the Xlerator with the noise reduction nozzel at no additional cost and still enjoy our super fast same day FREE shipping!

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