Cities in the U.S. “Going Green” with Hand Dryers

Hand Dryer’s have caught the eye of businesses all over the U.S.  who are looking to save money and save energy. Hand Dryer’s have a 95% cost savings compared to paper towels and also require little maintenance by avoiding paper towel being stuffed in toilets or scattered on the floor from people missing the trash can. On average, hand dryers require nothing else in the way of basic maintenance unless something unforeseen, such as a power outage, occurs. No one needs to check the supply of paper towels each day or replace them as needed. Hand dryers are ready to use 24/7 and require almost no attention once they are installed except for an occasional wiping to remove fingerprints. With time, businesses that use hand dryers can save significantly compared with the money spent on paper towels during the course of a year, which can make a significant difference if your running with a short budget. Hand dryers have come a long way and for those worried about the amount of time they take to dry hands, new and improved high speed hand dryers have hit the market drying hands in just 10 to 15 seconds. ProDryers has many hand dryers to choose from that will fit your public restroom needs.

Some cities that are “going green” with ProDryers include; Dallas, TX., New York, NY., Cambridge, MA., Farmington Hills, MI., Indianapolis, IN., San Jose, CA., Chesapeake, VA., Miami, FL., Louisville, OH., Green Bay, WI., China Spring, TX., Bowling Green, KY., Houston, TX., Virginia Beach, VA., Charlotte, NC., Los Angeles, CA., Chicago, IL., Columbus, OH., Madison, WI., North Providence, RI., Santa Monica, CA., Scottsdale, AZ., San Diego, CA., Pittsburgh, PA., Richmond, VA., Philadelphia, PA., Bronx, NY., Jersey City, NJ., Staten Island, NY., Corona, CA., Albuquerque, NM., Knoxville, TN., Brooklyn, NY., Grand Rapids, MI., Panama City Beach, FL., and Lexington, KY.

As you can see, many businesses all over the U.S. are switching over to hand dryers to better their public restrooms and customer satisfaction. To join the rest of the cities “going green”, order your hand dryers today at or

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