Hand Dryers 110-120 Voltage

The most popular voltage for homes and businesses in the U.S. is 110-120 voltage. Years ago it was the most cost efficient voltage to set most supply lines. At ProDryers our most popular selling hand dryers are 110-120 volt.  Some of our best selling hand dryers with 110-120 voltage are Excel’s Xlerator and American Dryer’s ExtremeAir and GX series hand dryers. All Saniflow’s hand dryers sold in the U.S. are 110-120 volt besides the Speedflow which has a universal voltage ranging from 110-240. ProDryers offers many hand dryers with 110-120 voltage while also offering everything else you may need for your public restroom such as Baby Changing Stations, Drinking Fountains, Soap Dispensers, Mirrors, Toilet Tissue Dispensers and many more. Visit us today at ProDryers.com or ProRestrooms.com to make your businesses restroom satisfying for your customers and employees.

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