Hand Dryers with 277 Voltage

Along with the most popular voltages offered, ProDryers also offers hand dryers with voltages of 277. All Excel Dryer hand dryers at ProDryers.com are offered in 277 volt. Excel offers the Lexan Series, the Cast Cover Series, and the XLerators in 277 voltage as well. The XLerator is known to be the “new industry standard”. It is 3 times fast than traditional hand dryers and drys hands in just 10 to 15 seconds. It has 6 cover options and is offers a recess kit to meet ADA requirments. The Cast Cover Series is offered in either push button or automatic sensor activated. They both feature a maintance-free brushless motor and both can either be surface mounted or recess mounted. Excel’s Lexan Series is also available in push button or automatic. They are economical, durable and vandal proof.  The Lexan Series Hand Dryer dry time is 30 seconds.

As you can see there are many options for every voltage. ProDryers offeres a hand dryer for every voltage your business may need. Visit us today at ProDryers.com to pick the perfect dryer for your business.

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