Hand Dryers Help California Go Green

At a fast and steady pace the U.S. is going green with hand dryers, especially the great state of California!  Not only do hand dryers save trees and the environment opposed to paper towel, but also save money; a lot of money.  California Companies in general are looking to save money.  Although, some prefer paper towel over hand dryers, technology has advanced and hand dryers now have faster drying times and even offer adjustable sound and speed for quieter operation.  Consider the new and improved American Dryer Extreme Air EXT7 Hand Dryer.  This amazing energy efficient hand dryer costs just 18 cents per 1,000 hands dried to operate.  The ABS plastic cover starts out at just $385 each, which means you can save enough energy and money in paper towel to pay for the hand dryer in just a couple of months on average.  The EXT Extreme Air uses only 540 watts, making it possible to install up to 3 on one line.  It also has smart 100-240 voltage which auto configures itself to run on the appropriate voltage.  That’s why so many cities in California are leading the way and going green with ProDryers.com!   Also, consider the Xlerator hand dryer.  The Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer is one of the leading high speed hand dryers helping California and other states go green.  Watch the videos at ProDryers!

Cities in California such as; Albany, Anaheim, Beaumont, Beverly Hills, Chula Vista, Corona, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills, Los Angeles, Long Beach,  Napa, Oceanside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco,  Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Vista, and Wilmington, are just some of the California cities that are switching over to hand dryers and saving money along with the environment.  Visit us and watch some videos and comparisons on all of our commercial hand dryers, including the energy efficient high speed restroom hand dryers.

Join the state of California and save the environment and money by switching to hand dryers.  Visit us at ProDryers.com or ProRestrooms.com today!

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