Xlerator Hand Dryer

So we find many people searching for the Xlerator hand dryer, but most people just aren’t sure how to pronounce it or what the exact spelling is. For example, many people are looking for the exelator, exelator, accelerator, excelerator, xlator, elator, or even confusing the name as the Excalibur hand dryer. So we thought we would write this blog to help you find what you are looking for. The most common misspelling is the accelerator hand dryer. The Xlerator hand dryer is actually pronounced “accelerator”, so the confusion is easy to understand.

The Xlerator is offered in 6 different cover options that include white thermoset, white epoxy paint, textured graphite, chrome, brushed stainless steel, and black. All Xlerators are offered in different voltages including 110-120, 208, 220-240, and 277. Every Xlerator has an option of coming with a noise reduction nozzle for those worried about sound in quiet businesses. At ProDryers we offer every Xlerator cover and voltage, visit us today at ProDryers.com or ProRestrooms.com to order your Xlerator!

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