All Public Restrooms Should Be Designed With Children In Mind

Kids in Restrooms

The other day I was in Home Depot with my 3 year old son. Mathew was wiggling like most 3 year olds do when they have to go potty. Mathew is a hand dryer expert at just the age of 3 as he loves to demo our top selling hand dryers such as the Xlerator, Extreme Air, Dyson Airblade, Speedflow and more. His favorite is the Xlerator by Excel Dryer. He also loves the American Dryer ExtremeAir because that’s what we have installed in our own restrooms. Getting Mathew to go potty in the men’s restroom can be quite a chore when we are out in public. I never understood the design of commercial restrooms and why they normally lack a kid-friendly environment. Maybe all the people in the world that design public restrooms don’t have kids? Or maybe they don’t think kids need to use the restrooms? A huge percentage of people in the world have kids. Overlooking kids’ needs in the restroom is a hug issue from a parent’s point of view. Most mothers and fathers would agree; when we find baby changing stations or anything child or baby-friendly in the restrooms, we associate that business as a positive, kid-friendly business and would immediately feel we will most definitely be back to shop their again. Although the Home Depot did not have a children’s urinal, Mathew didn’t care. They had a very nice look and feel to the tiled floors and walls, everything was very clean, and most importantly they had Mathew’s favorite hand dryer, the Xlerator, and in stainless steel! Right away, he said, “daddy, dey have da good hand dwyer”. Needless to say, Mathew was more than happy to use the restroom, and yes, we will be back to Home Depot with no worries as they have one of the nicest public restrooms we have seen. Mathew and I agree that the Xlerator hand dryer helped make our experience a positive one, and all parents know, happy kids make happy parents. Now if only we could get the men’s restrooms to include urinals low enough for my little guy to use.

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