Paper Towel Dispensers Out Of Paper Create Unhygienic Restrooms

We took the family to the Ringling Bros Circus at a sports stadium in Michigan. My son Mathew was very upset with the restroom design. We used the family restrooms which were unisex and all adults had to be accompanied by a child. It was a very strange concept, but that wasn’t the issue. The bathroom stalls were tiny and I could barely maneuver around without touching the walls. My son also had a tight squeeze as both of us tried to fit inside the partitions. Keep in mind; these restrooms were designed for parents to take their children to the restroom. I understand why space would be consolidated, but also, in doing so, it really restricts the comfort zones of parents and children.

Of course paper towel dispensers were in place with automatic motion sensors. I have never seen the brand they used before, but the sensors didn’t work and people couldn’t get the towels out. Two of the three paper towel units were clear out of paper and there was a long line to use the broken paper towel dispenser so most people were leaving with completely wet hands and tracking water all over the restroom floors. This made for a very unhygienic and unpleasant experience.

Paper towel dispensers can be hygienic when used properly, however, in most cases, paper towel dispensers create this exact scenario where either the machines are broken or the paper towel has run out. This is why we suggest using high quality hand dryers that actually work in 10-15 seconds, while also using paper towel dispensers sparingly.

By installing high speed, effective, and energy efficient hand dryers such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, or the Dyson Airblade just to name a few, this stadium could have avoided this ugly restroom scenario that had so many parents angry. Not only would the hand dryers bring a more hygienic and friendly atmosphere, they would pay for themselves in just months and save the stadium hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the dryers. Did you know damp hands are responsible for spreading up to 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands? It’s fair to assume in this scenario, the spreading of bacteria was at a high level due to the floods of people leaving the restroom with wet hands since the paper towel was out in 2 of the 3 paper towel dispensers.

Hopefully America will continue to move in the right direction and spare the tress while saving energy and money all while creating a cleaner and more hygienic restroom. And most importantly, keep the customers happy…

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