I Need a Fast and Quiet Hand Dryer

One of the most popular questions asked by our customers is:  Do you sell a quiet hand dryer that still dries hands fast?  This is the toughest question we receive because the faster a hand dryer dries hands, the more powerful the air speed is, which in turn, raises the decibel level.  There is no easy guess at what one may accept as a “quiet” decibel level while also accepting the speed of the air used to dry hands.  Thus, we have a top recommendation when our customers ask us for a fast, yet quiet hand dryer.

The ExtremeAir GXT 9 by American Dryer offers an adjustable motor.  You can actually control the motor by a dial (found under the cover).  This allows you full control over the noise level vs. the speed.  There are other adjustable motor style hand dryers that we offer, but none that allow the user the level of customization they receive from the American Dryer Extreme Air GXT9 or EXT7 Series hand dryers.  At the highest setting, the Extreme Air will dry hands as fast as any hand dryer in its class at about 10-15 seconds.  We have tested even at the lowest setting, and it still offers quite a fair dry time and offers noise levels in the low 60 decibel range.  The Extreme Air is made in America, right here in Livonia, MI near Detroit, Michigan.  The manufacturer offers an excellent warranty of 5 years on the hand dryer parts.  It’s good to know that American made products are still among the highest quality products on earth.

There are many other features that make the Extreme Air GXT 9 hand dryer a superior hand drying machine.  But, if your main concern is buying a hand dryer that is effective at drying hands, yet offers you the ability to determine what is acceptable as quiet and effective, buy the American made Extreme Air GXT9 hand dryer.

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