Mathew the 3 Year Old Hand Dryer Review Expert Strikes Again

My 3 year old son Mathew, the hand dryer review expert from ProDryers was at it again this past weekend when we took him to a local indoor mini-golf, go-cart, jump-zone, laser tag, bumper cars, mini-bowling, and arcade. It’s an all in one family fun zone. Mathew had the time of his life for 3 long hours before he finally gave into his urge to go potty. Of course, the restroom was missing his favorite feature, a high speed hygienic hand dryer. Mathew’s first notice was the lack of hand dryers, and he just frowned. The paper towel machine was working just fine, which was a relief to both of us as we have all too often experienced paper towel dispensers that clear ran out of paper. However, the waste receptacle was overflowing with paper towel and the floors were filled with the unhygienic paper mess. Businesses should consider moving from paper towel to the powerful energy efficient hand dryers that pay for themselves in just a few short months of paper towel cost savings. Even when eliminating paper towel is not an option, at least majorly reducing the waste of paper towel can be achieved.

Hand Dryers Eliminate Paper Mess

A Clean, Hygienic Restroom Leaves a Positive Impression

Mathew suggests the Xlerator, ExtremeAir or Dyson Airblade. All three are his favorite machines, and all three are high quality products.

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