How to Avoid Germs In a Public Restroom

New studies prove bacteria live in paper towels. That’s why we built an entire site dedicated to educating business owners and managers on the truth about hand dryers vs. paper towels.

paper towel messWhat happens when the paper towel dispenser is out of paper?  Answer: no hands can be dried and bacteria is spread in the restroom and beyond.  What about automatic paper towel dispensers?  Great, but they run on batteries.  How many times have you been in restrooms where the touch-less towel dispenser just didn’t respond?  Been in a bar lately?  Have you seen toilets stuffed with paper towel?  I’d hate to be the guy to clean that mess up!  And what happens when trash cans are over-flowing with waste?  The towels simply end up on the floor.  It doesn’t paint a pretty picture, and it doesn’t leave a good impression on the people using the restroom.  Some businesses may not care, yet to some, customer satisfaction is everything.

Restaurants are a prime example.  The food might be great, the service may be excellent, but if the restrooms are unhygienic, it just crushed every chance of completely satisfying the customer.  Something so simple as a hygienic restroom is overlooked far too often.

The cost savings hand dryers provide is a reason in itself to rely less on paper towel and more on hygienic, energy efficient, jet speed hand dryers.  By offering users a method of fast and efficient hand drying, businesses can cut costs in paper towel expenses by as high as 99%, reduce the spread of bacteria, create a pleasant, hygienic restroom experience, and even help save the environment along the way.

Don’t take our word for it, visit our paper towel or hand dryers site, and do some research for yourself.  It’s crystal clear that all studies in favor of paper towel are inaccurate because they were funded by the paper towel industry, or irrelevant because the hand dryers used in comparison were old conventional models of 20 or 30 years of outdated technology.

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