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Keeping Restroom Users Satisfied is Important!

Buy hand dryers on sale at the best prices online along with free shipping on top brands such as the Dyson Airblade, the Xlerator Hand Dryer from Excel Dryer, the
American Dryer Extreme Air, the BluStorm by Palmer Fixture, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel, and a wide range of electric hand dryers from Saniflow. ProDryers is the #1 trusted dealer of restroom hand dryers in the United States. All of our most popular products will ship same day when ordered by 2PM Eastern.

When considering the costs of paper towel, cost savings of thousands of dollars annually can be achieved. That’s why we have designed our educational site on Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels to present many case studies on how hand dryers compare to paper towel. This website outlines all of the pros and cons of paper towel and converting restrooms to utilizing hand dryers. Read and download articles on costs of producing paper towel, the effect on the environment, the land fill space required, the bacteria and unhygienic spreading of germs, and the energy savings that can be achieved.

ProDryers.com is also a supplier of a full commercial restroom product line.  We carry baby changing stations, soap dispensers (automatic and manual), touchlessfaucet adapters, grab bars, paper towel dispensers, toilet tissue dispensers, restroom mirrors, waste receptacles, urinals and water free urinals, prison and detention center accessories, water coolers for offices or schools, and drinking fountains.

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