Affordable Hand Dryers to Fit Any Budget

Mother Nature Says Save Her Trees and Save Your Money!

Mother Nature Says Save Her Trees and Save Your Money!

At ProDryers, we specialize in all major brands of hand dryers, including the affordable hand dryers that actually still work.  By work, we mean not having to finish drying hands by utilizing one’s pants.  Our most popular hand dryers are around $400, such as the Xlerator hand dryer.  However, we offer 3 high speed, energy efficient, affordable hand dryers that range under $300 or just over.  Plus, we will match, and beat any advertised price by any authorized dealer for any hand dryer we sell.  Consider the World Dryer Airforce as our least expensive high speed, touchless, electric hand dryer.  It doesn’t use heat, so it conserves on energy costs, yet it still dries hands in 10-15 seconds.  It is a very cost effective solution to reducing, or even eliminating paper towel costs.  You’ll pay for the dryer in just a few months of paper towel savings.  The EcoStorm by Palmer Fixture is also an affordable priced hand dryer starting just over $300.  It also blasts hands dry in 10-15 seconds, and it’s made of 100% recyclable materials, making it the greenest manufactured hand drying machine.  Last, the BluStorm by Palmer Fixture.  This machine costs just over $300 as well, and offers a blue light that optimizes energy efficiency by leading the users’ hands to the most efficient placement.

Of course we offer the more popular products as well, such as the Dyson Airblade, World Dryer SmartDri, World Dryer SlimDri, World Dryer Airmax, American Dryer ExtremeAir, Excel Dryer Xlerator, Mitsubishi Jet Towel, Saniflow Machflow, Saniflow Speedflow, and much more…

One must consider the volume of the restroom traffic, the type of people using the restrooms, the environment surrounding the restroom making noise a possible concern, durability or vandalism issues, handicap and ADA compliant regulations, electrical requirements, mounting requirements, and restroom décor just to name a few.

At ProDryers, we are hand dryer experts and will provide expertise in walking you through the purchase decision ensuring you get the best machine for the job.  We are publicly rated and hold an A+ rating with the BBB.

ProDryers is the #1 trusted source of high speed commercial restroom hand dryers.

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