The Dyson Hand Dryer Creates Positive Word of Mouth on Behalf of Restaurants and Businesses

The Dyson Hand Dryer is built with industrial technology, known as air knife, to create two powerful strips of air at speeds as high as 400 mph.  The two strips of air work like windshield wipers wiping water from both sides of the hands at the same time, leaving hands completely dry in just a few seconds.

Customer sand restroom users are amazed by the uniqueness of the Dyson Airblade.  Restaurants and businesses are seeing customers leave the restrooms in amazement.  Customers are eagerly talking about the hand dryers in table conversation and the viral impact is evident.  This creates a word of mouth advertising campaign like no other.  More importantly, this is the best kind of advertisement and it costs absolutely nothing!

Below are some examples of real live Dyson hand dryer installations:

Dyson Airblade Picture 

Dyson hand dryer picture 

Live Picture of Dyson Airblade in Residential Bathroom

The Airblade can be used in residential bathrooms too! The Airblade is a celebrity favorite! The Dyson Airblade also has a "knockout" where external wiring can be used. Surface mounting to a brick or concrete wall is not a problem!

 Besides drying hands completely in 12 seconds, customers enjoy the cleaner, more hygienic look and feel to the restroom.  There’s nothing more disgusting than eating a great meal at a restaurant, only to finish off the experience with a dirty, unhygienic, restroom filed with overflowing waste receptacles with paper towel mess spilling onto the floor.  Or worse yet, finding stuffed paper towel clogged into the toilets.  The Airblade not only eliminates these messes and vandalism issues, but it also reduces the spread of bacteria, which is important to a restaurant and all businesses.

Beyond impressing customers, restaurants and businesses can enjoy major cost savings in paper towel expenses.  On average, at 100 uses per day, the Dyson Airblade will cost just $18 per year to operate. In comparison, paper towel at 100 uses per day would cost about $730. The Dyson hand dryer will pay for itself in just months depending on the volume of your restroom traffic. For example, at 400 uses per day, the Dyson Airblade would cost about $67 per year to operate. Paper Towel usage would cost around $2,920 for the year.

The choice is clear, with hand dryers vs. paper towels, the dyson brand and many others will reduce costs, vandalism, and the spread of bacteria, all while improving customer satisfaction.  Visit or call 888-50-DRYER now to discuss the best hand drying solutions for any facility today!

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