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A Mom and 3 Year Old Son Review a Public Restroom

The following article was written by an employee of, the #1 trusted supplier of hand dryers and restroom supplies.  ProDryers specializes in amazing high speed, touch-less technology for restrooms such as the Dyson Airblade, Xlerator hand dryer, Extreme Air, and much more along with baby changing stations, touch-less faucets and automatic flush valves.  ProDryers offers expertise in Dyson hand dryers, World Dryer, Excel Dryer, American Dryer, Saniflow, Bobrick, Koala, Palmer Fixture, Hydrotek, and much more.

I recently went to a birthday party with my 3 year old son Jack, it was at a well-known birthday place where children run wild, tickets are flying in the air, and you can never have enough golden tokens. As a Mom, I looked around and the first thing I thought of was germs! Sweaty children running around with snot hanging from their nose, coughing without covering their mouths, picking up any object they seen on the floor. None the less, kids just being kids excited at a birthday party. But still, all I could think was germs and someone is going to get sick. I was out of hand sanitizer and it was almost time to eat, so I grabbed Jack and we headed to the women’s restroom so he would wash his hands.

As I held the door open for Jack, the first thing he said when he walked in was “Eww Mom, it’s gross in here”. That’s pretty bad coming from a 3 year old boy! There was paper towel overflowing from the garbage, and everywhere on the floor, it was just a mess! I proceeded to help Jack wash his hands. I had to pump 5 times to get the least bit of soap on his hands while holding him. (Every Mom knows that awkward position when holding their child trying to help them wash their hands; super uncomfortable for the parent and the child). I reached over to grab some paper towel to dry his hands off and it was out! Go figure.  It’s all over the floor and over flowing from the garbage can. I was not happy at all!!

So from there I picked Jack up and told him we were looking for clues to see if the bathroom was a good one or bad one. He was happy to be a detective for the next 5 minutes… Now that I’m working for ProDryers, I’m always curious to see if bathrooms have what they should to make it a better experience for their customers who come in and use their restrooms.

Jack and I found that you had to flush the toilet yourself with your hand/foot, (Most people use foot because they don’t want to touch it, but that can damage the product if you use too much force with your foot) they were out of soap, and out of paper towel. Plus, I didn’t realize it at the time, but, I had to turn on the faucet on and off, while holding Jack. There were so many things wrong with this place and all I could think of was where I work at and how their problems could be easily solved. Here at ProDryers we have products from various manufacturers that can help enhance your public restroom.

A Hydrotek product such as the HB-1000C could’ve taken care of the problem I had trying to turn the faucet on and off while holding Jack. It’s an automatic sensor operated faucet made with a solid cast brass/chrome plated body, with low voltage and restricted flow rates for water conservation. A faucet like this would’ve helped me out big time and I’m sure many other Moms would appreciate it as well. To take care of the flushing situation they could’ve purchased a flush valve for their toilet. It is completely automatic, there is many to choose from, you’ll have no contact with a toilet handle, and it will only flush when it is used. So you’re once again conserving water, getting the ultimate sanitary protection, saving money and giving your patrons a nice bathroom experience.

As for the soap dispenser being out, they should’ve invested in SE800-SS, by Palmer Fixture. It’s an automatic, touch-less soap dispenser. It prevents cross contamination, it consistently dispenses one drop at a time, once more, saving money, helping the people who use your bathroom, and cutting down on spreading germs.

Last but not least which would’ve been the biggest benefit for myself, the customer, and even for the business owner, they should’ve purchased a hand dryer instead of a paper towel dispenser, like the Dyson Airblade AB04 or the Excel Dryer XL-BW Xlerator. The first thing I seen when I walked in was the insane amount of paper towel everywhere, and when I reached for some to dry mine and Jacks hands off; it was out. As a customer, that was a big eye sore and annoyance. If the owner of this business would’ve done some research, they would’ve found that they’d be cutting costs by as much as 90% when compared to paper towels. Paper towels can be expensive to re-stock and dispose of, take up valuable storage space, are wasteful, can leave a mess and clog toilets. Furthermore, paper towels can run out, leaving you unable to dry your hands. Damp hands can spread up to 1,000 times more bacteria than dry ones. The Dyson Airblade hand dryer is the most hygienic hand dryer, it dries hands in 12 seconds, uses 80% less energy, removing 99.9% of bacteria from the air before it even reaches your hands. A hand dryer like this would be perfect for any business and should’ve been in the bathroom Jack and I used.

Reflecting on mine and Jacks detective work, we found this bathroom to be unsatisfactory! Making some of the changes I suggested would’ve made the bathroom experience a lot easier, quicker, and happier.  And… as the old saying goes “If Mama aint happy, nobody’s happy”.

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