BluStorm (Blue Storm) Hand Dryer Review, Children Love the Blue Light

Blue Storm Hand Dryer Review

The BluStorm Passes The Mommy Approved Test. Children Love The Blue Light!

The following article was written by an employee of, the #1 trusted hand dryer source in America.

My son Jack recently had to change preschools this week and the parents had to attend an orientation.  Jack and I went to his new school and they showed us his room, his cute little cubby to hang up his coat, and we got to meet his teacher, Ms. Sara.  She asked me a few questions like where do I work, what do I do there, does Jack have siblings and if Jack was potty-trained yet, and I told her “yes, thank God”!!  Ms. Sara wanted to show Jack and I where the potty was just in case he needed to go during orientation.  We walked into this bathroom where everything was sized to fit a 3 year old. The tiny toilet and small-scaled sink were too cute! This wasn’t Jacks first rodeo when it came to the bathroom, he knew what to do. Ms. Sara asked Jack if he knew what to do after washing his hands… he looked at me, then looked at her and said “you dry them”. She told him he was correct, but then asked: “But what do you dry your hands with”? And he said “a towel” (thinking he’s at home in our bathroom). She told Jack “we have something better than a towel… It’s called a Blustorm, and we captured a storm and put it in this box so we can dry our hands quicker. So when you’re done washing your hands, you walk up to the Blustorm and put your hands right under the blue light and the wind from the storm dries your hands.”  I stood there thinking and smiling knowing that where I work- ProDryers, we have this hand dryer and thought his teacher did a great job of making a 3 year old understand a hand dryer called the Blustorm.  Jack looked at me skeptical still like he knew what was going on; knowing this wasn’t a storm his teacher caught. Of course, as a Mom, I had to demonstrate that it was ok, nothing was going to hurt him, and it was fun/cool to use the Blustorm to dry your hands. After I tried “this storm that his teacher caught and put in a box”, he thought it was super cool, didn’t doubt it, and was drawn to the blue light like a bug to a zapper.

Here at ProDryers we sell the BluStorm hand dryer. The Blustorm will blow you away with all the benefits it has to offer, but there are three particular benefits that are essential to you and your business when choosing a hand dryer; the financial impact, going green, and how it reduces the cross-contamination of germs.

The amount of money you spend on buying paper towels, keeping it stocked and not to mention the mess it will create vs. purchasing a BluStorm or any hand dryer for that matter will pay for itself.  A clean restroom creates happy people, which makes people come back equaling more money, as in 95% annual saving vs. paper towel.  The cost of one person drying their hands with paper towel is equivalent to 100 people drying their hands with the BluStorm, plus an additional 70% cost saving vs. a conventional hand dryer.  Over time, businesses that use warm hand dryers can save significantly compared with the money spent on paper towels during the course of a year, which can make a significant difference in childcare centers on tight budgets. Encouraging children to use air dryers rather than paper towels can really add up, since young children often take 10 towels from a paper towel dispenser for every one towel that they need.  Explain to children that warm air hand dryers save trees, and demonstrate how much fun it is to rub your hands together under the warm air, and most young children will find them fun to use!  A warm air hand dryer costs approximately $500, with very little additional cost over time, while paper towels can cost $25 a case.  Buy more than 20 cases of paper towels a year?  A Blustorm (Blue Storm) will be fun for the children and will save you money!

The Blustorm is GreenSpec listed which means it’s considered to be the top of the class and environmentally preferable, it also can help earn LEED credits. It’s simple to make a positive impact taking steps, whether big or small, to minimize the harm you do to the environment (including the carbon footprints you leave behind), as a result of inhabiting this planet.  The advantages of going green are self-explanatory, you can save the earth, save your health, save money, save the economy and it just feels good!!  And why not pick a hand dryer that can do all of this?!

Hygienically speaking this touch-free hand dryer reduces the possibility of cross-contamination in the restroom by eliminating the touch of a common “dirty” area.  Eliminating paper towel litter also helps reduce the transmission of infection that can occur if children share paper towels or pick up used towels from the floor or trash can.  Day care providers who help children in the restroom may find it less germy with a touch-less hand dryer with the blue light to help show the child where their hands should be placed to rub his/her hands together under the warm air hand dryer.  The average model hand dryer takes about 30 seconds to dry hands.  The Blue Storm only needs 10-15 seconds to keep the bacteria in check.

The Blustorm comes only in stainless steel and has a brushed finish. The voltage options are 110-120, and 220-240.  It also has a thermal cut off of 185*F.

There’s no better way to save money in restrooms than to introduce a fun child-friendly hand dryer such as the BluStorm.  The blue light technology keeps children interested while instructing the most efficient placement of the hands.  Buy the BluStorm hand dryer at the cheapest discount price at and get fast free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 US states.  ProDryers is the #1 trusted distributor of hand dryers in the United States offering all major brands such as, but not limited to, the Dyson Airblade, Excel Dryer Xlerator, American Dryer ExtremeAir, and a variety of industry leaders from companies such as Saniflow and World DryerBuy hand dryers and commercial restroom products now and save up to 70% vs. retail prices.

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