American Dryer Extreme Air Hand Dryer Review, Quiet Enough for a Library?

The following article was written by an employee of ProDryers and illustrates why the ExtremeAir hand dryer is one of the best hand dryers on the planet.

Extreme Air Hand Dryer

The Amazing Extreme Air hand dryer. Get it at now!

This past weekend it was extremely hot… and especially for a 3 year old to be out all day in the sun. Trying to find fun activities in the summer when the temperature is above 80 can be hard sometimes, but as a Mom you must manage. So I decided to take my son Jack to the library. I was nervous because who takes a 3 year old to the library? What 3 year old do I know that will sit in a library and obey the rules? (Jack is an exception) I still was nervous and didn’t want to be thrown out of a library. So I was explaining to Jack the rules of a library and how you had to be quiet, and sit there like a good boy and read books, or look at pictures or listen to Mommy read.. He told me “I’ll be a good boy Mommy, you gotta trust me”. (The things a 3 year old comes up with).

As Jack and I walk into the library the first thing I always ask him is “do you need to go potty”, because there’s nothing like being in the middle of what you’re doing and your child says “I gotta go potty Mommy”. (One of the many joys of being a Mom). So I took Jack to the bathroom, he did his business and now it was time to wash our hands and dry them off. I see they had paper towels and hand dryer.. and since we we’re in the library I went for the paper towel to give to Jack.  All of a sudden I hear this hand dryer going off! I turn around and Jack is under it drying his hands, letting the air blow through his hair and being silly. After the first initial shock of hearing this hand dryer, I realized it wasn’t as loud as most hand dryers. So of course since I work at ProDryers, I take a closer look and it the Extreme Air EXT7… Of course it was! That’s why it wasn’t loud because of its adjustable motor, which allows you to bring down the noise level. You wouldn’t think a hand dryer would be an important decision when it comes to buying one for a library, but here at ProDryers we have every hand dryer to suit your business.

The Extreme Air EXT hand dryer has the perfect balance of speed, energy efficiency and sound; it’s the first high speed hand dryer to reduce power consumption to an industry low. It only costs about 18 cents per 1,000 pairs of hands dried. Another perk about this hand dryer is that it’s about half the size of most other high speed hand dryers, saving you space. Don’t forget that the motor is adjustable; it has a decibel range of 69 to 83. This new motor also lasts up to 25% longer, operates between 14,000 to 28,000 RPM, with an automatic resetting thermal protector. The new and improved hand dryer additionally has universal voltage of 100-240. This new feature goes a step further and actually test the data from your electrical wiring and auto-configures itself to run on the appropriate voltage. This makes installation less expensive and more efficient. It uses 80-90% less energy, three times faster and 98% cost saving.

  • 5 Year Premium Warranty Includes same-day factory repair or shipment of replacement parts.
  • Made in the USA
  • GreenSpec® Listed
  • LEED Credits
    • EA Credit 1 Optimizing Energy Performance (Mandatory)
    • MR Credit 6 Solid Waste Management – Waste Stream Audit
    • IEQ Credit 3.1 Green Cleaning – High Performance Cleaning Program
    • IO Credit 1 Innovation in Operations
    • IO Credit 3 Documenting Sustainable Building Cost Impacts

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