Announcement: ProDryers Now Offers ASI Storage Lockers for Schools, Gyms, Fitness Centers, Health Clubs, Zoos, Theme Parks, and More

ASI Storage Lockers

ASI Storage Lockers at

Buy ASI storage lockers for schools, gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, theme parls, zoos, water parks, and much more.  ASI lockers are among the most popular, reliable lockers in the United States.  Simply visit our ASI Lockers page at, download the ASI catalog and choose the perfect locker for your facility.  Send us your quote at and we’ll get back to you with rock bottom pricing and free shipping!

While you are choosing from our locker catalog, consider the cost savings you can achieve by installing one of our hand dryers from major brands such as the Dyson Airblade, Excel Dryer Xlerator, American Dryer EXTREMEAIR, World Dryer SlimDri, or many of the other major hand dryer brands we carry.  Hand Dryers offer over 95% cost savings vs. paper towel.  To learn more about Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towel, visit

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