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What hand dryers are the best for high traffic usage for restrooms in facilities such as zoos, theme parks, stadiums, colleges, universities, city parks, state parks, tourist & attraction hot spots, busy office buildings, movie theaters, baseball parks, softball complexes, fitness centers, gyms, and anywhere that very high volume of restroom traffic may occur?

Choosing the right hand dryer for high traffic restrooms can be difficult and confusing as so many brands exist today.  Each manufacturer claims the best hand dryer for the job.  Truth is, there are top solutions that will do the job better than others.  It’s just like buying a vacuum.  Every manufacturer claims their vacuum is superior to the others.  They can’t all be right.  Reading material over the internet won’t get you real honest answers.  And buying from generic, over-sized companies that have no expertise in hand dryers won’t get you the best solutions and answers either.  Call us at 888-50-DRYER or 888-503-7937 and we’ll tell you honest opinions from honest historical data on which hand dryers outperform others in high traffic, high volume restroom facilities.

We carry all major brands at ProDryers from Excel Dryer’s USA made Xlerator hand dryer, American Dryer’s USA made EXTREMEAIR, the Dyson Airblade, all World Dryer brands from the all new SlimDri, the SmartDri, the well known Airforce, and much more.  At ProDryers, we only carry the best hand drying solutions.  Many manufacturers from all over the world approach us, yet still, we offer only the hand dryers we believe will provide a high quality solution.  We aren’t out just for sales; we are dedicated to producing happy customers.  Over 40% of our customers are repeat buyers.

Stop reading so heavily into material provided by each manufacturer and call us to find out the best solution for your high traffic restroom.  It’s all marketing and not that complicated.    We are complete experts in hand dryers and the features that each provide.  We also provide over 2500 restroom products to offer the most complete restroom solutions online today.

ProDryers.com is your most reliable, trusted source for hand dryers and more.  Call 888.50-DRYER now!

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