Dyson Airblade Drives New Technology in Hand Dryers, What’s Coming Next?

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Dyson came into the hand dryer market with a bang introducing the Dyson Airblade.  It was different, it was innovative, and it was received very well.  So what is so unique about the Dyson Airblade vs. other hand dryers?

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The Air Knife technology makes the Dyson hand dryer unique from most hand dryers.  Air Knife is a technology used in the industrial world when stripping liquids from solids.  The Dyson dryer strips water from hands (both sides simultaneously) at 400 MPH.  It’s very hard to argue that any hand dryer today dries hands faster than the Dyson Airblade.  The technology it uses is just superior when it comes down to dry time, but many units are not noticeably slower.  Units like the Xlerator hand dryer or American Dryer ExtremeAir hand dryer dry hands in about 15 seconds, yet cost 1/3 what a Dyson normally sells at.

The Airblade uses a HEPA filter to eliminate 99.97% of all bacteria in the air.  It is the only hand dryer to have NSF and HACCP certifications even for food safe usage on food lines or kitchens where food is prepared.  Only the AB02 Aluminum Airblade carries the HACCP food safe approval.

ADA compliance with the Airblade is achieved without the need to recess the dryer as it can be detected by a cane when installed properly.  It’s mounted at a height where anyone can use it from children to people in wheelchairs.  Dyson offered a solution to just about every challenge with a hand dryer.

Watch the Dyson Airblade Video to learn more or visit our Dyson Airblade Review page.

So what’s next for Dyson?  As a master distributor for the Airblade, we are waiting just as eagerly as the public.  So far Dyson has spawned changes to the hand dryer industry as other manufacturers have taken off the gloves.  Many new products are coming out, but one that has already hit the market is the iStorm hand dryer by Palmer Fixture.   This hand dryer is very unique and offers the very latest in hand drying technology.  The iStorm combines many of the features from all of the top hand dryers into one single unit, yet it also offers a unique design and changes the game in how future hand dryers may be built.  The iStorm is designed so the user places the hands inside a circular frame.  As the hands are placed inside the circle, air from 3 different directions drives the water down and away from the hands.  The water is confronted by an absorbent ceramic plate that captures most of the water while the remaining water is drained through to a drip tray.  The iStorm utilizes a super-filter that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria through a 3 layered filter system from HEPA, carbon, and antibacterial.  The design of this hand dryer is causing quite a stir in the hand dryer world.  It also offers an on/off heat switch and an adjustable motor for controlling sound and speed.  

This leaves us wondering where Dyson will go next.  Will they improve on the existing Airblade or will they introduce a whole new solution to drying hands?  The world waits…

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