Paper Towels Can’t Compare to Hand Dryers Armed with HEPA Filters to Kill Bacteria

Washing hands in a public restroom and bacteria has been associated with one another for years.  Numerous studies have been conducted, and the debate is ongoing.  Which is more sanitary, a hand dryer or paper towel?  Fact: Most of the studies favoring paper towels have been funded by the paper towel industry.  The fact is: the paper towel industry is on the ropes and naturally fighting back hard.  Fact: the hand dryers used in most (possibly all) studies, were not of the new hand dryer breed.  New technology used in hand dryers such as the Xlerator, Dyson Airblade, Extreme Air, SlimDri, iStorm, Jet Towel, and more range from electrical costs such as $35.00 per year or 18 cents per 1,000 uses to operate.  Each hand dryer manufacturer has its own claim on energy savings, but one can’t deny, when it comes to hygiene and sanitation, some of the newer hand dryer models use HEPA filtration which eliminates 99.97% of all bacteria in the air before the air is used to dry hands.  The Dyson Airblade and iStorm are equipped with HEPA filtration systems while units such as the Xlerator hand dryer can be retrofit with a HEPA filter kit as needed.  The same can’t be said for paper as bacteria actually lives well and breeds in damp used paper towel scattered across the restroom floors.  Worse yet, bacteria and germs are proven to live even on dry paper; recycled paper actually hosts more bacteria and germs than virgin paper towels.  See for more eye-opening proof on hand dryers vs. paper towels.

Studies have proven that unused paper towel hold bacteria. In the American Journal of Infection Control, researchers found these bacteria and claim it could be transferred to hands after washing.  Other studies have found that a certain kind of bacteria that has been found in paper towel have been associated with eye, lung and blood infections. A bacillus bacterium which was also found in unused paper towel is known to produce toxins which can lead to food poisoning.   Although these bacteria may not affect those that are healthy, those with weakened immune systems needing extra caution may find it important to stay away from paper towel.

Not only are there proven studies that bacteria is found in almost all unused paper towel, the fact stands that bacteria spreads far greater when on damp paper found scattered around the restroom. How many times have you walked into a restroom and seen paper towel scattered across the floor, on the counter tops, and thrown all around the trash can with a few pieces actually making into the garbage can?   So aside from paper towels being full of bacteria before actual use, they are even more harmful after they are used and tossed on the floor making the restroom unhygienic and unappealing.

A clean and sterile bathroom is a key factor in keeping your employees and customers happy.  Keeping a clean hygienic restroom is an area overlooked by many business owners, yet doing something so simple will not only make your restroom cleaner, it will also save you loads of cash from monthly paper towel costs while saving energy, trees, land-fill space, and other precious resources.

The only area paper towel is still a fairly decent choice is near the restroom doors where people may wish to use paper to exit without making contact with the door handle.  For this reason, ProDryers offers the ExitTowel system by Palmer Fixture.  The Exit Towel is much smaller than a standard paper towel and offers a cost effective way for opening doors on the way out of a restroom.  Stop wasting money today, call 888-50-DRYER or visit and get the best prices on hygienic hand dryers with HEPA filters that eliminate 99.97% of all bacteria in the air.  No paper towel on earth can top that!

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