Saving Schools Money with Hand Dryers, Extreme Air EXT7

One of the best school hand dryers we sell at is the Extreme Air EXT7. The EXT7 is a high speed, energy efficient hand dryer, but uses no heating element. It’s not a “cool air hand dryer” as it still operates around 90 degrees. It just does not heat up over 130 degrees like many hand dryers using a heating element. It’s a misunderstanding that hand dryers need hot air to dry hands effectively. Using no heating element allows facilities such as schools to save the maximum level of energy, the maximum level of installation costs (we’ll get to that later…), resulting in the ultimate total savings in already tight school budgets.

Why does the EXT7 ExtremeAir cost less to install than hand dryers with heating elements? A heating element uses much more energy forcing a dedicated line per hand dryer. Three (3) EXT7 Extreme Air hand dryers can be installed per line, which cuts heavily on installation costs. The ExtremeAir also has universal, auto-configuring voltage. The unit will take signals from the electrical and auto-configure everything from voltage, amps, and htz. This eliminates installation mistakes or worse yet, purchasing mistakes of the incorrect voltage.

The EXT7 EXTREMEAIR is perfect for all age groups from college students, high school, middle school, elementary, and even smaller children in pre-school or daycare centers. Why? First of all, no heat makes it less intimidating to smaller children. But most importantly, the EXT7 Extreme Air comes equipped with an adjustable motor. It defaults at a high speed 10 second dry time. Smaller children may find it a touch intimidating and thus, the motor can be adjusted down to a much softer hand drying experience. It’s kind of like an old school radio dial which controls the motor by percentage. Even at the lowest setting, the EXT7 still dries hands at an acceptable rate and operates much faster than old traditional hand dryers. At 69 decibels, the EXT version of the ExtremeAir hand dryer would allow two people to have a normal conversation and still hear each other.

The ExtremeAir is USA made and offers maximum quality with a maximum cost savings and is among the top selling school hand dryers at Buy it at the absolute lowest price possible with free shipping. Call 888-50DRYER or 888-503-7937 for a quote! Visit for more information.

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