Futuristic Hand Dryers Have Hit Planet Earth. Buy Them From the Most Trusted Shop Online!

It’s almost like time travelers or alien technology is taking over with all the iPhones and smart phones coupled with the new wave of tablets like the iPad.  Now it’s even happening with hand dryers!  Speaking of iPads, did you know, ProDryers pulls an iPad winner after every 50th public review?  Review us at ResellerRatings.com after your purchase?  We find it much more rewarding to give back to our customers.

At ProDryers, you get only the top grade hand dryers such as the Xlerator hand dryer, the ExtremeAir, the Dyson Airblade hand dryers, World Dryer models and more.  You won’t find imitation brands that look like the Xlerator.  We represent the best manufacturers around the world; companies such as Excel Dryer, World Dryer, Dyson, American Dryer, Saniflow, Bobrick, Palmer Fixture, ASI, Bradley, and more.

At ProDryers, we pride ourselves on being true experts on all of the hand dryers we carry.  We go the extra step to educate our buyers.  We are the 100%, original hand dryer shop that brought all of the top hand dryer brands together.  We believed the market was lacking the ability to have a customer compare and review all of the different unique features before the purchase.  Distributors were carrying only specific brands and that leads to a one-sided sales pitch: “buy this product, it’s the best!”  That leaves the distributor in control and not the customer.  That’s why we stock one of the widest selections of hand dryers on the planet.  The choice is yours and the price is more than fair.  At ProDryers, you are getting the best prices because we stock in high volumes.  You also get the quickest shipping.  Of course, many companies have been born in attempt to follow us – but they can’t take our name or our family values.  ProDryers is built with deep roots in customer service, IT, Accounting, and more customer service!  Did you know the ProDryers team is made up of professionals with over 300 years of combined customer service?  ProDryers is a brand that represents trust among contractors and the general public.  We are the one true unbiased place to research, review, and purchase hand dryers.  We are the safest and most trusted place to buy hand dryers and over 2500 restroom accessories online.

So call the leaders in online hand dryer sales today at 888-50-DRYER or 888-503-7937 and get your free hand dryer education.  We enjoy helping customers each day.  We go the extra mile each and every time; it’s just how we roll.


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