Hand Dryers in Public Restrooms, Beach Bathrooms, Hotels, Rest Areas, and More

Owning your own business makes it difficult to find time for vacation.  However, with two small children, finding time away with the family is a must.  It’s a fine balancing act to juggle owing a business and scheduling family vacations.  The easiest way to make fun time for the kids is to plan a quick weekend vacation.  One of the benefits of living in Michigan is the numerous lakes, and even great lakes.  So we decided to take a quick trip to Ludington, MI and enjoy Lake Michigan and some downtown shopping.  Ludington is a place that I have visited often throughout the 90’s.  It’s since been built up with hotels and businesses which have brought in more tourism and taken away from the simple beauty of downtown Ludington.  However, I’m sure it’s also good for local business.  Regardless, the public city beach is still one of the nicest beaches to take kids.  My kids played for hours in the sand.  When it came it came time to use the restrooms, my 5 year old son Mathew was a bit disappointed in the hand dryer.  It was a slow 40 second hand dryer and no paper towel dispensers were installed at all.  The biggest problem we both had with this was the fact that we know damp hands are 1,000 times more likely to spread bacteria than dry hands according to the Dyson Airblade literature.  A 40 second hand dryer just doesn’t dry hands completely.  With the lack of paper towel systems used by the exit, we had to touch the door handle with damp hands just like everyone else had to.  That means a lot of bacteria likely lived on that door handle.  With a 40 second dry time, paper towel by the exit is a must because right outside the restroom was the concession stand where hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, and many other finger foods were served.  Both Mathew and I are hand dryer experts and we would have preferred to see either a hygienic Dyson Airblade with a HEPA filter that eliminates 99.97% of all bacteria from the air before it is blown onto the hands, or a super-fast Xlerator hand dryer, or American Dryer Extreme Air with a Palmer Fixture exit towel system by the door.  All of these would have saved energy while providing a more hygienic experience.

We stayed in the Ludington Holiday Inn Express hotel.  Mathew was very pleased to see the Xlerator hand dryer (his favorite) installed in the restrooms that lead to the main pool area.  He made a joke; “now that’s a hand dryer”; not a bad joke for a 5 year old.  On the drive home, we ran into the Xlerator hand dryer in restrooms at rest areas as well.  Our hands were dried in 10 seconds flat, completely, and both of us were happy campers!

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