Commercial Restroom Design and Why it Matters

Commercial restroom design is much more important than most business owners realize.  The restroom is a direct reflection of the quality of the business itself.  Customers and clientele will appreciate a clean, hygienic, well-designed restroom.  Some customers won’t think much of it.  However, if the restroom is not designed well or worse yet, if the restroom is unhygienic, it can present a negative impact resulting in the loss of repeat business.  Even the “best food in town” type restaurants can lose repeat business and positive word of mouth when the restrooms are less than tolerable.  All restrooms should be designed with a clean, sanitary and convenient theme.  A business owner should consider the audience, and then consider every possible scenario that can occur in a restroom and build in solutions to each.  For example, all restaurants should have a baby changing station in the restroom.  A unit such as the Koala KB200 is just 189.78.  The price of the changing station is well worth the cost compared with providing comfort and convenience to a mother looking to change her baby’s diaper.  In addition to designing for functionality, convenience, and hygiene, the audience is very important.  For example, the pure basics of sex; men and women display very different behavior in a restroom.

Hand Dryers

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We all know women go to the bathroom in groups.  From night clubs to bar and grills, the ladies room is an important place of conversation.  The USA made American Dryer Extreme Air hand dryer and all other current American Dryer hand dryers are designed smaller than most other hand dryers.  In fact the American Dryer hand dryers like the GXT9, EXT7, advantage and GX series are all 43% smaller than most other hand dryers.  Smaller hand dryers in the restroom leave more room for nice décor and mirrors, plus, the smaller hand dryer is perfect for female hands.  The most important feature of the Extreme Air is the ability to adjust the motor down which brings the sound to a lower decibel level.  At the lowest setting (which is about what the American Dryer Advantage operates at), a decibel level of 69 and about a 25 second dry time can be achieved.  This allows for women to have the natural conversations without the need to shout.  Other hand dryers are often too powerful for conversation to take place and results to shouting and frustration.  The women’s’ restroom could benefit from a tampon dispenser, especially in night clubs, theme parks, hotels, venues, or anywhere that this convenience may be needed.  All ladies bathrooms should be designed to fit the needs of every female.

Men are a whole different animal!  Not many men want to have a conversation in the restroom.  In fact, many men don’t even wash their hands after using a public restroom.  Sad but true!  One product that could attract men to use is the new Dyson Airblade Tap.   This new, innovative technology is an automatic faucet and hand dryer in one so hands can be washed and dried right from the sink.  Most men love technology so Dyson Airblade hand dryers are often a great solution.  Hand dryers such as the Xlerator hand dryer are super tough, durable, reliable, and most important, powerful!  The Xlerator hand dryer will dry even the largest hands in 10-15 second with is powerful 300 MPH blast of air.  It’s also 100% manufactured in the United States and qualifies for the Buy American Act.  Noise in a men’s restroom is perfectly acceptable (in most cases) and most men will love the fast dry time.

In settings such as night clubs, vandalism of mirrors may be a concern.  Consider the new “Perfect Reflection” by shale-Inland.  This new mirror is anti-graffiti mirror with a 2 or optional 4 layer design.  A protective film is simply peeled off when the mirror is vandalized.  A 4 layer mirror would be like buying 5 mirrors.   The cost savings achieved is undeniable.  Tough, durable hand dryers like the Xlerator should be used.  Paper towel should be eliminated completely in this case to remove the threat of stuffed toilets by vandals.  Powerful automatic flush valves should be used with a thin style toilet paper.  Even if vandals stuff the toilets, as soon as they walk away, the automatic valve will flush the thin paper down the toilet.

As you can see, upfront design of a restroom is just as important as the design of the rest of the business.  Every angle and scenario should be thought of before issues arise.  The design should allow for flexibility so high costs are not required to maintain the restrooms.  Design it right and the business will benefit significantly.

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