My Experience in the Last Public Bathroom I Was In

Notice:  The views of this article are not necessarily that of ProDryers, but a 3rd party blog writer.  ProDryers has contracted with an external source to provide real American views and opinions of restroom sanitation and other topics.  This article was written by an everyday girl next door.

I think many people walk into a public bathroom and the experience is only memorable if the bathroom is very dirty or very clean. I would add that public bathrooms also stand out if they offer features that cut down on the spread of germs. It’s a good feeling when I leave a bathroom and I don’t want to wash my hands a second time. The last public bathroom I was in is one I visit almost every day. This particular bathroom has an automatic faucet but what it really needs is an automatic hand dryer. With paper towel in the bathroom things get messy quick. Everyday the bathroom fills up with used paper towel. It’s in the sink clogging the drain, on the floor, and all over the counter. Nothing about dirty paper towel everywhere feels sanitary. The tiny garbage can on the wall seems as though it was never meant to hold more than a few pieces of garbage. If everyone suddenly realized they’re adults and should throw their paper towel in the garbage can instead of on the floor; the small can would overflow.

The hand dryers that I think would be a good fit are the American Dryer ExtremeAir, Dyson Airblade or the Excel Dryer Xlerator. All three models can be found at The Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer is a good option as it dries hands in just 10-15 seconds. It would fit well on the wall in a small bathroom. This bathroom fits only a couple of people at the sink before the door won’t close, so another great option would be the American Dryer ExtremeAir.  The USA made ExtremeAir hand dryer is 43% smaller than most other hand dryers, dries hands in 10-15 seconds, and also offers an adjustable motor to control sound and speed.  It’s perfect for areas where sound may be an issue as the dry time can be reduced all the way down to 25 seconds for quieter operation as desired.  The Dyson Airblade is a good option because it dries hands in 12 seconds. I would hope that having a hand dryer that dries hands in record time would inspire those that now exit the bathroom without washing their hands to change their ways. Installing the Dyson Airblade in an office bathroom also means very little work time wasted while employees wait for their hands to dry. Your coworkers or the boss won’t wonder where you wandered off to.

Installing either model of hand dryer will lead to less money spent on paper towel and better containment of germs. A decreased demand for paper towel also causes less damage to the environment. Slowing paper towel production means less trees cut down and ground up to make it. Installing an automatic hand dryer in a bathroom is one change that leads to three major benefits. Stopping the spread of germs, helping the environment, and saving money.


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