American Dryer Advantage – The Quiet Hand Dryer

The goal here at ProDryers is to deliver excellent customer service.  By providing product knowledge our customers are easily informed about choosing the right item, and if that’s not enough we have a fantastic customer service team always ready to help!  We truly are experts in hand dryers.  In locations that require a low noise level a hand dryer might not seem like the ideal restroom hand drying option.  However the all new Advantage hand dryer series by American Dryer can resolve that issue.  Produced right here in the USA the advantage is a great way for restroom users to dry hands without the noise level being an issue.  Of course paper towel is quiet, but the monetary and environmental costs are outrageous.  Hand dryers quickly pay for themselves!  At 67 db the Advantage dries hands not much louder than normal conversation.  It does so in just 25 seconds without creating the cost and clean-up of paper towel.  The Advantage can save up to 95% compared to paper towels and a considerable amount against non-efficient push button hand dryers.  It will even automatically adjust itself to the building’s current electrical, whether it is 110, 208, or 220 volt.  Locations such as churches, libraries, and office buildings where noise level needs to be low are a perfect fit for the Advantage.  Elementary schools where the noise and speed levels of a high speed dryer may be a little intimidating are also a great location.  With available color options in white, black graphite, satin chrome, and stainless steel, there will be an immediate style upgrade. 

As mentioned ProDryers is all about delivering the right product.  If noise level is of no concern and faster dry time is desired then the suggestion would be the American Dryer eXtreme Air.  The eXtreme Air will dry hands in just 10-15 seconds depending on the choice of heating element (GXT w/heating element) and (EXT w/o).  Like the Advantage the eXtreme Air can adjust to any voltage, and while it can’t get exactly as quiet it is adjustable to the high 60’s db range.  Keep in mind this adjustment will also extend the dry times.  The eXtreme Air is perfect for high traffic areas such as universities, stadiums, malls, airports, etc.  Users can dry hands quickly reducing long lines; however it can adjust down as needed for noise level.  Each series can also be ADA approved by using the wall guard which reduces moisture from the walls and floors or simply by the recess wall kit.  The Advantage and eXtreme Air are both great American made options, and they can be found here at ProDryers at the best prices.  Along with great pricing is also free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states! 

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