The Koala Baby Changing Station

The world today is full of people constantly on the run.  With that being said, parents are often bringing their infants more and more places.  When it’s time for a toddler to be changed, there is nothing more convenient or sanitary than being able to use a changing station.  At ProDryers, we supply commercial restrooms with one of the most trusted names in this industry, Koala.  The Koala KB200 series provides convenience for parents not to mention great durability to ensure the safety of the little ones.  Pure steel on steel hinges and a maximum support up to 200 lbs. make this baby changing station super resistant to wear and tear.  As the table folds down horizontally from the wall, it does so smoothly and securely using a gas spring mechanism.  Bacteria is always a concern in any restroom situation, however Koala uses Microban® technology built in to the bed surface to ensure that any bacteria coming in contact with the station will be prevented to grow any further.  In addition to this feature the KB200 has two cavities with a lock that store up to 25 bed liners each aiding in sanitation and hindering vandalism.  Also included in the KB200 are child protection straps on the bed surface as well as two bag hooks for assistance.  When installed properly the slim design allows it to be compatible with ADA standards.  Not only is the KB200 built well but it also has four different great colors that go along with more contemporary styles.  These include cream, grey, white granite, and earth.  Installing the KB200 in any restroom is a great idea that will lead to many satisfied parents, and even may make them return customers knowing this simple amenity is available.  All of the Koala baby changing stations and top brand hand dryers at ProDryers are sold at the best prices and with free shipping to the continental U.S.. Plus, we offer over 2500 restroom accessories…  We are the restroom giant you can trust!  Call 888-50-DRYER now!

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