Automatic Flush Valves and Hand Dryers Save Money

Automatic flush valves are a very important piece to commercial restrooms.  They promote better hygiene and water conservation.  The HydroTek automatic flush valves are the best option for a restroom.  With an all metal, chrome plated brass construction these flush valves are second to none in durability.  When it comes to manual flush valves hygiene becomes an issue with users constantly touching the handle filled with bacteria.  Some janitorial services may do a great job cleaning however it is impractical for constant maintenance.  Automatic valves will flush after every use avoiding hygiene risks compared to the manual style.  HydroTek offers flush valves in AC powered, battery powered, or even solar powered.  The H-8000C series (AC powered) and HB-8000SLE series (Solar Powered) also include battery backup.  Battery replacement in all of these valves is simple and inexpensive using AA batteries that can be replaced without having to shut off the water supply.  The HydroTek valves may be installed in new complete units or they can also be retrofitted.  The HB8RFK series is specific as a retrofit unit, replacing valves on popular lavatory models like Sloan, Zurn, Toto, and Delany.  Flush valves don’t necessarily have a design element to them so partially concealed models are also an option.  Providing convenience and better sanitation, the HydroTek flush valves are a great upgrade for any restroom.  All of the HydroTek models along with over 2,500 restroom products are available at ProDryers all with free shipping to anywhere in the Contiguous United States!  Contact us at 734-466-9767 to speak with our great customer service representatives regarding information on flush valves or any of our other products.  ProDryers is the go to distributor for all of your restroom needs!  We carry only the best brand hand dryers at the absolute lowest prices along with free shipping.  Buy hand dryer brands such as the Dyson Airblade, the Xlerator hand dryer, the American Dryer ExtremeAir and much more on sale with free shipping.  Call 888-50-DRYER now!

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