The Current Dyson Airblade Models Explained

One of the most common questions our callers at ProDryers have recently is the changes regarding Dyson.  To summarize: 

The AB02 and AB06 120 volt aluminum models have been discontinued.  We may have some AB02 208 volt units left in stock, but technically they have been discontinued as well.  So if you have the option of wiring or re-wiring to 208 volt, the AB02 is still an option at this time.  However, we will eventually run out and Dyson has stopped making them.  The AB02 has been replaced with the AB14.  The Dyson AB14 is a polycarbonate cover that comes in either grey or white, but it is still NSF and HACCP approved as food environment safe like the AB002 and AB06 aluminum models were.  In other words, it’s perfectly acceptable to use the new AB14 on food lines or in restaurant kitchens as well as restrooms.

The Dyson AB04 has been discontinued and replaced by the AB14 as well.  The AB14 is actually called the Dyson Airblade dB.  It’s 50% quieter than the old AB04 and a touch faster at 420 MPH opposed to the 400 MPH of the AB04.  The AB14 uses the new Dyson V4 motor which was in testing for many years before it was released.

Dyson has also introduced two new innovative hand dryers.  The Dyson Airblade V (AB12), and the amazing Dyson Airblade TAP (AB09, AB10, AB11).

The Dyson Airblade V or Dyson AB12 is V shaped at the bottom and mounts up higher on the wall like many other hand dryers do.  The Airblade V like all Dyson hand dryers utilizes HEPA filtration for optimal hygiene, eliminating 99.97% of all bacteria in the air before the air is blown onto the hands.  With all Dyson Airblade designs, the user never has to rub hands together.  Rubbing hands together has been proven to bring dead skin cells to the surface which increases the spread of bacteria.  Thus, all Dyson dryers are designed to allow the user to dry hands quickly and completely in just 12 seconds while maintaining the most hygienic method of hand drying.  The Dyson Airblade V is also ADA compliant as a surface mount unit due to the thin design making it the most powerful ADA compliant surface mounted hand dryer available today.

The Dyson Airblade TAP is probably one of the most exciting products released to date in the commercial restroom space.  With the Airblade TAP (AB09, AB10, AB11), users can wash and dry hands right at the sink.  Like all Dyson hand dryer technology, hygiene and power come into play with HEPA filtration and the powerful V4 motor that moves air at 420 MPH.  Hands are stripped of water right at the sink in 14 seconds flat.  One of the biggest problems in the restroom is wet floors cause from wet hands as users travel from the sink to the paper towel dispensers or hand dryers in the restrooms.  Dyson has solved that problem and the new Airblade Tap very well could change the way we wash and dry our hands in years to come. 

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