When You Should Wash Your Hands to Avoid Catching a Bug

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My previous post about the importance of hand washing and drying discussed the importance of preventing viruses like the norovirus. In this post I want to cover instances when you should wash your hands to avoid catching a bug. The Center For Disease Control or CDC recommends washing ones hands in these circumstances. A few examples of when you should wash your hands are:

*Before preparing and eating food.

*After going to the bathroom

*After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the bathroom.

*Before and after caring for someone who is sick

*After handling uncooked foods, particularly raw meat, poultry, or fish

*After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.

*After handling an animal or animal waste

*After handling garbage

*Before and after treating a cut or wound

*After handling items contaminated by flood water or sewage

*When your hands are visibly dirty

All of these instances are important times to wash your hands. I would also like to add washing ones hands after handling pet food and treats as they often carry salmonella. For instance a dog’s stomach can handle some salmonella in their food but this level can be too high for humans. When I handle my dog’s food I always wash my hands after. I don’t want to get food poisoning at anytime let alone from food I didn’t eat. Another instance to watch out for germs is after sneezing or coughing into your hands. Ideally you have time to sneeze into a tissue or your arm. If not wash your hands before touching other items people will also touch. In an office setting I feel this is especially important. People cough and sneeze into their hand and then touch their mouse and keyboard. Even if they wash their hands later every time they touch their computer the germs jump back on their hands. Then the germs end up on the fax machine and doorknobs etc. Besides sharing the air I feel this is how viruses take down a whole office in the winter. If I cooked I would definatly be washing my hands before and after touching raw meat. I wish people washing their hands after using the bathroom and when hands are visibly dirty was a no brainer and didn’t have to be on the list.

Two instances I would add to the CDC’s list is washing ones hands after using the pen or credit card machine at the pharmacy and the bank. Many sick people come through the pharmacy daily and use the pen at the register. Also be mindful when using the public pens at the bank and when handling money.  After working in banking I know first hand how money carries a ridiculous amount of germs. I would defiantly recommend washing your hands after leaving the bank.

And now we have to chime in again:

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