Dance Clubs & Night Clubs Can Benefit from Hand Dryers

Let’s look at some specific businesses and why they should consider moving away from paper towels and into hand dryers.  First of all, if you are one of those readers that thinks paper towel is more hygienic than hand dryers and hand dryers blow bacteria around, you could not be further from the truth and you have been misled by the paper industry.  Visit our educational site: hand dryers vs. paper towels and spend some time looking specifically and the ExtremeAir CPC, the cold plasma germ killing hand dryer.  Download case studies provided by Excel Dryer and learn why the Xlerator hand dryer is superior to paper towel.  Understand the optional HEPA filter capabilities of the Xlerator which eliminates germs and bacteria from air.  Read up on the Dyson Airblade which comes factory installed with HEPA filtration that eliminates 99.97% of all germs before the air is blown onto the hands.  It is simply impossible for paper towel to be more hygienic, specifically due to new studies that have proven bacteria lives and breeds well on damp, and even unused paper towel (both virgin and recycled).  The debate has simply been ended and the public is starting to understand that hand dryers are the future and paper towels are a speed bump of the past.

Our first example of a business that should not be hesitant to switch to hand dryers is dance clubs, night clubs, strip bars, and the like.  Let’s face it, these businesses have heavy traffic in the restrooms and often have to employ restroom attendants to hand out paper towel and maintain the appearance of the restroom.  And the dance clubs, night clubs and strip bars that do not keep an employee monitoring the restroom at all times are likely experiencing loads of paper towels tossed onto the floors and overflowing waste receptacles.  There’s likely been clogged toilets stuffed with paper towels.  One of the biggest complaints we hear at ProDryers from club owners is the stuffed toilets scenario.  Customers tend to get angry when paper towel dispensers are broken, out of paper, or run out of batteries.  There could even be some vandalism in these settings.  This is an easy win for the business owner(s) to ditch the paper and move to a quality high speed hand dryer. 

High-end clubs will consider the Dyson Airblade.  There’s three models: the AB14 hands-in style, the AB12 Dyson Airblade V, and the Dyson Airblade TAP (AB09, AB10, AB11 models), which is a new concept of washing and drying right at the sink with an automatic faucet and hand dryer all in one product.  Dyson products are put through rigorous testing, simulating major abuse so durability is always a quality with Dyson.  Dyson has engineered some of the most innovative products in the world.  When it comes to hand dryers, the Airblade brand is proving to be a major contender.  Customers and business owners love them.  The important point is, most customers absolutely love to use them.  For a club setting, we’d actually suggest the Airblade Tap as a top solution.  Foot traffic in club restrooms are typically heavy and the Dyson Airblade Tap allows for users to wash and dry at the sink without traveling around the restroom with wet hands.  Depending on the design of the restroom, this may or may not be the only suggested solution.  The Dyson Airblade V is another great choice and we’d suggest using the wall guard with it to keep the walls dry.

All club owners from high-end to lower can consider our top two sellers.  Both the USA Made Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer and the USA Made American Dryer Extreme Air are solid choices for dance clubs, night clubs, strip bars and the like.  Consider the Excel Dryer Xlerator.  This hand dryer is the Chuck Norris of hand dryers.  It will vandalize the vandals.  The Xlerator is made in Massachusetts by Excel Dryer, all right here in the USA, which proves American quality is among the best in the world!  It even qualifies for the Buy American Act.  This hand dryer is commonly found in stadiums, zoos, rest areas, restaurants, dance clubs, night clubs, strip bars and so much more.  At ProDryers, we sell around 500 per month, and we can’t recall a single complaint when it comes to performance or durability.  We can’t praise it enough.  Quality just speaks for itself, end of story.   Buy the Excel Dryer XL-BW Xlerator hand dryer at ProDryers now.  It’s always on sale and will cut your paper towel costs by 95%, plus… eliminate maintenance issues like paper towel stuffed toilets and vandalism.

The American Dryer ExtremeAir is one of our top sellers at ProDryers.  We promote it heavy because the quality again, speaks for itself.  The ExtremeAir comes in 3 versions.  The GXT, EXT, and CPC.  Let’s first look at the all new CPC series.  It uses cold plasma to kill 99.6% of all germs on and around hands.  It literally sanitizes hands naturally.  This is possibly over-kill for a dance club, night club, or strip club, so the suggested solution may be the GXT ExtremeAir which lacks the germ killing technology.  The only deciding factor is budget.  But keep in mind, by eliminating paper towel costs altogether, the hand dryers become an investment not an expense (over time).  Club owners often spend a high dollar amount on paper towel.  The American Dryer GXT is a perfect solution for ending that cost.  All American Dryer ExtremeAir hand dryers come equipped with an adjustable motor to allow the control of sound and speed.  However in clubs, the noise is usually irrelevant so leaving it on the blazing fast 10-15 second dry time is the best option.  The ExtremeAir is 43% smaller than most hand dryers so it saves on space yet still delivers a powerful air blast which dries hands in 15 seconds or less.  The EXT ExtremeAir lacks the heating element and uses only an amazing 540 watts.  It can cost as little as 18 cents to dry 1,000 pairs of hands.  Call ProDryers at 888-50-DRYER and order the ExtremeAir hand dryer now!

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