Dance Studios Should Consider Hand Dryers, Drinking Fountains, Floor Machines, and Baby Changing Stations

With this article, we are going to focus on a smaller businesses and how it can benefit from hand dryers and save significant dollars in paper towel costs and maintenance associated with paper towel.  Let’s look at an example of small businesses that most suppliers overlook.  We at ProDryers love working on behalf of small businesses because small businesses fuel the economy.  Call us any time at 888-50-DRYER (even if you are just buying one hand dryer) and we’ll give you solid expert advice on the different hand dryer technologies available today and aid your decision in choosing the best hand dryer for your facility.

For example, take dance studios.  I don’t usually get personal with a blog, but dance studios are something I encounter often as my daughter is in several competition dances and non-competition as well.  I have been going to her dance studio several times per week for about 6 years now.  Dance studios are some of the filthiest places on earth in terms of the dirt, sweat, and grime accumulated on the floors.  Dancers’ hands are always touching the filthy floors and spreading germs throughout the dance studio.  I see some major opportunities for dance studios.  First, consider the ExtremeAir CPC hand dryer.  It is the only hand dryer to date that kills 99.6% of germs on and around hands.  It literally sanitizes hands even if the soap dispensers have run out.  It’s been independently tested and proven to kill nearly all germs.  It uses cold plasma which has been used in hospitals for years.  It’s the 4th state of matter and it is found in mountain top air or ocean breezes among many.  Cold plasma cracks bacteria open like an egg shell and destroys it.  I would suggest the ExtremeAir CPC to dance studios because it greatly reduces the spread of germs because it literally sanitizes hands.  It would also pay for itself with paper towel cost savings and maintenance issues related with paper towel such as broken or jammed dispensers, battery issues, and paper towel stuffed toilets.  The other opportunity dance studios should take advantage of is investing in a floor scrubber to keep floors cleaner.  We also own and would be happy to advise on a machine perfect for cleaning dance studio floors.  Also, convenience to parents is a huge area where dance studios should pay attention.  Word of mouth advertising goes a long way with small businesses and dance studios are no exception.  Many parents have babies and small children still in diapers.  Every dance studio should have a baby changing station.  It should almost be required by law, and most parents would back me up on that strong opinion.  Parents can’t be expected to change a baby’s diaper without a baby changing station.  It’s the most frustrating event a parent can ever deal with.  For as little as 159.00, and free shipping, we can have a baby changing station to your dance studio in just a few days.  Our most popular seller, the Koala KB200 is just under $200.  It’s an investment in the quality of the dance studio.  Lastly, drinking fountains and water dispensing machines such as bottle filling stations would be very beneficial to all dance studios as the dancers are pretty much tired and thirsty the entire time they are at the studio.  We also own and operate where we offer a gigantic range of drinking fountains, water coolers, and bottle filling stations all perfect for dance studios.

Category Five Technologies specializes in hand dryers, restroom accessories, drinking fountains, and floor machines just to name a few.  Visit some of online shopping experiences like, and or call us at 888-503-7937.  We are here to serve all businesses, even the small business such as dance studios.

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