Hand Dryers Spread Germs, FALSE!

If you believe hand dryers spread germs, you could not be further from the truth.  ProDryers is here to educate readers on hand dryers and the spreading of germs.  Hand dryers have come a long way with technology.  Nearly all studies favoring paper towel over hand dryers have been funded by the paper industry.  And, in nearly all studies, old hand dryers of 20+ years were used.  There are plenty of hand dryers today that are more hygienic than paper towel. 

For the best example, look at the new ExtremeAir CPC hand dryer.  The ExtremeAir CPC kills 99.6% of all germs on and around hands.  In fact, even if the soap dispensers are out of soap in the restroom, this hand dryer will still kill 99.6% of germs on hands.  It creates a bubble of sanitized warm air.  Technically it’s using cold plasma.  But don’t be confused by the name, the air is still heated by a heating element.

Proven cold plasma technology has successfully been used to purify the air in commercial buildings since the 1930s. The prestigious Cleveland Clinic, Baylor College of Medicine and Boston Children’s Hospital use this technology to keep the air clean. More recently, cold plasma has been used in the medical industry to treat surgical incisions and kill bacteria in the food processing industry. Today, the eXtremeAir cPc hand dryer has advanced this technology to kill the germs on your hands while you dry them.

CPC technology is proven to kill harmful pathogens including E.Coli, C. Diff, Staph, MRSA, and TB. Testing has been done independently by EMSL Labs, an Elite CDC certified lab. The eXtremeAir with CPC technology has also been independently tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), passing both the UL867 and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.

More on Cold Plasma, and specifically how American Dryer uses it in the ExtremeAir CPC:

How does CPC Technology Work?  Cold plasma, or bipolar ionization, is nature’s way of cleaning the air and killing germs. High levels of ionization are found in the fresh air breeze off the ocean or on top of a mountain. CPC technology is natural and safe. It does not create harmful levels of ozone. The cold plasma generator inside the EXTREMEAIR® CPC uses steady-­‐state positive and negative discharge points to split water molecules in the air into oppositely charged hydrogen (H+) and oxygen (O2 –) ions. These ions in turn break down gases to harmless compounds prevalent in the atmosphere. For example, ammonia that causes typical body odor breaks down to oxygen, nitrogen and water vapor. Air is made up of millions of molecules, including harmful gases, fibers, mold, bacteria, and viruses. CPC technology breaks down those harmful molecules into simple, safe, naturally occurring molecules.

The bipolar ionization generator creates cold plasma discharge from the outlet nozzle of the hand dryer that consists of positive ions (H+) and negative ions (O2 –) from water vapor in the air. These ions surround harmful substances such as airborne mold, virus, bacteria, volatile organic compounds and allergens. The ions are transformed into hydroxyl (OH•) radicals on the cell membrane surfaces to rob the harmful substance of a hydrogen atom (H), severing the protein walls of the cell membrane inactivating them. The OH• radicals instantly bond with the removed hydrogen (H), forming water vapor (H2O), and return to the air.

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