Heat vs. No Heat with Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers (Heat vs. No Heat)

So which type of hand dryer is best? Should I buy a hand dryer with heat or is a hand dryer without heat better? These are examples of questions regarding hand dryers with heat vs. hand dryers without heating elements that we take on daily. The answer is fairly simple. We’ll look at 3 brands as examples on how we provide the best answers to our customers who are unsure of heat vs. no heat. But to summarize, most customers prefer heat, and most facilities today are buying the heated, warm air hand dryers. Heating elements are used to warm the air to around 130 degrees. Using a heating element may dry hands slightly faster with some models, and most importantly it feels more comfortable. Our two suggested heated hand dryers are the Xlerator and the ExtremeAir GXT. Both brands are GreenSpec listed and energy efficient. The ExtremeAir GXT costs about 42 cents per 1,000 uses to operate. All hand dryers with heating elements require a dedicated line. On a standard 110-120 line, both the Xlerator and ExtremeAir GXT operate at 12.5 amps, and 1500 watts when used at full motor capacity providing the fastest dry times possible. Both hand dryers can be ordered without the heating element if desired. Both manufacturers support up to 3 hand dryers per line when no heat is used. The amps used drops significantly to 4.5 or even lower, depending on voltage and motor speed. The watts are greatly reduced to 540 or lower depending on the brand. Non-heated hand dryers consume less energy, cost less to install, and cost less to operate.

First let’s look at the Xlerator hand dryer by Excel Dryer a bit closer. It comes in two options: the standard heated version, and the new eco or non-heated version. Excel Dryer has called the new non-heated version the XLERATOReco (pronounced XLERATOR ECO). Our most popular selling hand dryer is the XL-BW XLERATOR hand dryer. To order the non-heated version, buy the XL-BW-ECO XLERATOReco. You can find all heated (standard) XLERATOR hand dryers and the non-heated XLERATOReco hand dryers on sale at the absolute best price, with free shipping at ProDryers®. The only difference in each is one has heat and one does not. For example, we have the standard XL-BW, XL-W, XL-BL, XL-GR, XL-C-,XL-SB and we have the non-heated XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO, XL-W-ECO, XL-BL-ECO, XL-GR-ECO, XL-C-ECO -,XL-SB-ECO. There’s no price difference in the heated versions vs. the non-heated hand dryers. Most businesses will buy the heated versions. Larger facilities (like schools) buying many hand dryers and operating a high count of electrical devices may opt to go with the non-heated units to save on install costs, electrical consumption, and overall electrical costs. Remember, 3 XLERATOR eco hand dryers (no heat) can be installed to one line where only 1 Xlerator hand dryer (heat) can be installed per line. All Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryers are made in the USA and built to last 7-10+ years on average with a 5 year warranty. You can’t go wrong with an Xlerator!

Now consider the ExtremeAir hand dryer by American Dryer. The ExtremeAir actually comes in 3 versions: the ExtremeAir CPC (Heat and Cold Plasma Clean Technology that sanitizes hands by killing 99.6% of all germs), the ExtremeAir GXT (heat), and the ExtremeAir EXT (no heat). Our most popular choice at ProDryers® is the GXT, but the CPC is fast becoming a top choice as customers understand the sanitation capabilities of the CPC technology. Both the GXT and CPC ExtremeAir use a heating element and require a dedicated line. Both are energy efficient. The heated GXT costs about 42 cents per 1,000 uses to operate. The non-heated EXT only costs about 18 cents per 1,000 uses to operate. The heated GXT uses about 12.5 amp and 1500 watts on the high speed setting. All ExtremeAir hand dryers come equipped with an adjustable motor to control sound and speed. By reducing the motor speed, dry times increase, but the decibel level decreases making the dryer customizable for the quietest needs. It’s perfect for high traffic areas like stadiums, zoos, schools, rest areas, etc. on the high speed setting. The EXT with no heat is the better solution for facilities consuming a lot of electricity such as schools, stadiums, etc. The EXT only uses 540 watts and 4.5 amps on the maximum high speed settings. But again, the heated versions of hand dryers are far more popular choices unless the situation at hand calls for the highest reduction in electrical usage as possible.

Our third and last brand we’d like to talk about is the Dyson Airblade. Dyson Airblade hand dryers have been designed to dry hands completely without the use of heating elements. Dyson provides the ultimate in cost savings with the new digital V4 motor. The Dyson digital motor V4 spins at 92,000 a minute – generating enough power to draw in 28 liters of air per second. The Dyson digital motor V4 was seven years in the making – it’s one of the world’s smallest fully-integrated 1400W motors. It’s the only hand dryer motor powerful enough to draw in 28 liters of air a second through a HEPA filter, and then dry hands in 12 seconds. This long-life, energy-efficient motor is digitally switched at 6,100 times per second, making the high compression fan spin 92,000 times a minute. There are only three moving parts, so there are no slip rings or carbon brushes to wear down. With strong construction and robust materials, the Dyson Airblade hand dryer is suitable for high traffic, high-usage locations where vandalism can be an issue. And because it uses filtered sheets of 420 mph air to dry hands, there is no heating element prone to wear and failure. The Dyson Airblade comes in three modes. The Dyson Airblade dB, the Dyson Airblade V, and the Dyson Airblade TAP.


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