Reduce Wet Restroom Floors at Bowling Alleys with New Hand Dryer Technology

All Bowling Alleys can save thousands of dollars per year in eliminating paper towels and moving to high speed hand dryers. Many bowling alleys are hesitant to move away from paper towels for one big reason, the fear of hand dryers blowing water onto restroom floors and bowlers shoes getting wet. There is nothing worse for a bowler than to get his or her bowling shoes wet. But consider that users still drip water onto restroom floors when paper towel dispensers are used. It’s a fact that can’t be denied or the bowling show cover would have never been invented.

Well, today’s hand drying technology at ProDryers offers a few great choices to eliminate paper towel costs and help keep restroom floors dry! Consider the Dyson Airblade Tap, Mitsubishi Jet Towel or the ExtremeAir with the ADA wall guard.

Our first recommendation is to take a hard look at the Dyson Airblade Tap. It’s an automatic faucet and hand dryer all in one product allowing users to wash and dry hands right from the sink without ever moving about the restroom and dripping water onto floors. When used properly and hands are completely dried, there should literally be no wet floor issues with this product as the water is blown from hands directly into the sink. It’s a truly remarkable innovation in hand drying technology and could change the way hands are dried in restrooms altogether as the public learns of the new technology.

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel is a solid choice for bowling alleys or any facility looking to keep floors dry. The water containment tank collects water as user’s hands are dried. This does require some light maintenance, but the task of emptying the tank a couple times a day is much less expensive than dealing with the continuous purchase of paper towels. The Jet Towel is one of the most energy efficient and superior built machines on the market.

The last suggestion we make is to consider the ExtremeAir with the optional ADA wall guard. The wall guard is designed to keep water off the walls and minimize wet floors. Regardless of the dryer or paper towel dispenser, restroom users can still drip water onto floors by not completely drying hands.


It’s always best to use plastic bowling shoe covers to eliminate the dreaded wet spot on a bowler’s shoe. But steps can be taken by the bowling alley to minimize the risk. There is just no point in using paper towels anymore. Reduce costs, save precious resources by going green, and reduce the risk of wet bowling shoes from wet restroom floors. Contact ProDryers today at 888-50-DRYER or buy online now and get free same day shipping when ordered by 3PM Eastern Time.

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