Hand Dryers: Going Green & Saving Resources like Gasoline & Oil.

Hand dryers can and will reduce the usage of gasoline and oil to mention just a few precious resources. As we continue to move towards greener solutions as a country, businesses around the United States (and world) should do their best to implement greener technologies such as hand dryers. The main goal of a hand dryer is to reduce the usage of paper towel. So the amount of gasoline and oil saved in the United States alone is significant when the transportation model of the paper towel industry is considered. Virgin paper towel can be recycled only once, and recycled paper towel can never be recycled. Even so, resources are continuously destroyed to produce a constant inventory of paper towel.

We know it takes about 17 full grown trees, 464 gallons of oil, 42 gallons of gasoline, 3 yards of landfill space, and 7,000 gallons of water to produce just one ton of virgin paper towels. Now consider the average person uses up several pieces of paper towel. It’s such a waste of so many resources that businesses are finally starting to realize that going green not only saves pointless business expenses, but also helps preserve the environment and our precious resources. Paper towel has to be replenished in a never ending, infinite loop. There’s literally no end to the need to produce more paper towel as resources are destroyed. Imagine the transportation operation required to keep a continuous flow of paper towels moving about the country. But not only from production to distribution to public restrooms, but from public restrooms to landfill space.  Transporting paper towel costs resources such as fuel and oil to operate.

Today’s technological advances with hand dryers is reason enough to eliminate the waste of resources that the paper towel business model burdens. Out of all of the products available today, three hand dryers provide the ultimate savings in energy while offering the most reliable, high quality hand drying experience.

First, the industry leader, the Excel Dryer Xlerator. This hand dryer is USA made and offers an amazing 10-15 second dry time while using 80% less energy than most other hand dryers. Going green today is as easy as installing a USA made Xlerator. Always get the best price on the Xlerator at ProDryers. We carry all models in stock, including the XL-BW, XL-W, XL-C, XL-SB, XL-GR, XL-SP Black, and XL-SP Red.

Second, consider the innovative Dyson Airblade hand dryers. Currently, the Dyson AirBlade is offered in a variety of models. The Dyson AB14 hands-in style, the AB12 Airblade V, and the Dyson Airblade TAP. All Dyson Airblade hand dryers use the same motor and offer the fastest dry times in the industry. The Dyson Airblade does not use a heating element to save even more energy, HEPA filtration to eliminate 99.97% of all bacteria in the air before the air is blown onto the hands, and offers a motor capable of moving air at 420 MPH. It’s no easy task to compete with a machine of this quality and innovation. ProDryers is an authorized dealer of the Dyson Airblade offering unbeatable prices and fast free shipping.

Last, consider the American Dryer ExtremeAir; specifically, the ExtremeAir CPC. The all new ExtremeAir CPC uses cold plasma technology to kill 99.6% of all germs on and around hands, literally sanitizing hands. It’s the only hand dryer that uses technology that can sanitize while it dries. CPC technology is proven to kill harmful pathogens including E.Coli, C. Diff, Staph, MRSA, and TB. Testing has been done independently by EMSL Labs, an Elite CDC certified lab. The eXtremeAir with CPC technology has also been independently tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), passing both the UL867 and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards. Proven cold plasma technology has successfully been used to purify the air in commercial buildings since the 1930s. The prestigious Cleveland Clinic, Baylor College of Medicine and Boston Children’s Hospital use this technology to keep the air clean. More recently, cold plasma has been used in the medical industry to treat surgical incisions and kill bacteria in the food processing industry. Today, the eXtremeAir cPc hand dryer has advanced this technology to kill the germs on your hands while you dry them.

In summary, businesses are understanding the benefits of hand dryers today vs. paper towel. Maintaining our environment is important for generations to come. Eliminating paper towel will cut down on massive waste with precious resources such as gasoline and oil, but also trees, water, landfill space and so much more. Hand dryers are the future while paper towel is fading fast. ProDryers is the top trusted name in hand dryers offering the best of brands, expert advice, the best customer service in the industry, the absolute best prices, and fast free shipping. Buy at ProDryers now!


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