The Koala KB200 Baby Changing Station; All Businesses Should Have Them!

We can talk until we are blue in the face about hand dryers.  But one of our most popular products is the baby changing station.  In fact, to be specific, the Koala KB200 has been our top selling baby changing station for years.  Our goal is to offer our customers a full shopping experience for the commercial restroom.  With over 2500 restroom accessories, that is exactly what we have accomplished in our years of growth since 2005 when ProDryers was born.

Koala KB200 Baby Changing Station

Buy the Koala KB200 today at ProDryers for less than $200 and free shipping!

The Koala KB200 is the most trusted and affordable baby changing station on the market.  All businesses that have babies or toddlers potentially using the public restrooms should install them immediately. They are less than $200 at the time of this article, so there are not any good reasons not to purchase them.  The KB200 is very durable and supports up to 200 lbs.  It comes in a variety of colors to match your restroom decor such as cream, grey, white granite, and earth.  Our most popular choice is the KB200-00 cream baby changing station, but we stock all colors for fast same day shipping when ordered by 3PM Eastern Time.

Any parent can tell you, there are so many times when we enter a public restroom with our small child and need a place to change a diaper.  It’s those businesses that think of everything when it comes to convenience and hygiene that stick in our heads and earn our trust and repeat business.  Sometimes, little things can go a long way.

So if you are a business owner or in charge of purchasing supplies for a public restroom, consider the KB200 Koala baby changing station today.  Call 888-503-7937 or buy online now at!

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