Dyson Airblade V, the 420 MPH Hand Dryer Coming on Strong

If you have not seen a Dyson Airblade V yet, make sure to take a look.  The Airblade V has gone through some adjustments to lift sales such as a decrease in price.  Most of the customers at ProDryers have heard of the Dyson Airblade (the one where hands are placed inside the dryer).  But the Airblade V, or Dyson AB12 model is very different.  It’s the fastest thin style ADA compliant surface mounted hand dryer available today.  The price has been cut down to 799 for the nickel color and just 749 for the white cover.  You’ll enjoy the same Dyson digital v4 motor which uses Air Knife technology to strip water from hands in just 12 seconds, HEPA filtered to eliminate 99.97% of all germs from the air, at 420 MPH.  It’s a very tough dryer to compete with when it comes to pure power, dry time, clean filtered pure air, and durability.  Many of our customers do not realize, the Dyson Airblade V not only comes with a 5 year limited parts warranty, it also comes with a 5 year onsite service warranty.  Dyson would not issue such a bold warranty if it was used often.  Since the Airblade V has been available for sale, we have seen less than 5 out of thousands sold from ProDryers need warranty repair.  This machine is as durable as it gets!

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