About ProDryers.com

ProDryers.com is a leading distributor of commercial hand dryers and restroom products.  We carry green eco-friendly hand dryers such as the XLERATOR, eXtreme Air, SpeedFlow, DualFlow, Airforce, Trimline, Airmax and more.

More About ProRestrooms.com
ProDryers.com is fully owned and operated by Category Five Technologies, Inc. You may have seen other Category Five Technologies sites such as ProDryers.com and eXtremeAirHandDryers.com. ProRestrooms.com is yet another online shopping experience brought to you by Category Five Technologies, Inc. Here, you’ll find a wider range of Restroom Products, where our other two stores focus more on hand dryers in general. We still specialize in high speed hand dryers, but you’ll see a constant expansion on our products to cover everything you need for your commercial restroom.

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