Avoiding Restroom Bacteria and A Hand Dryer That Kills Germs

We have all had to use public restrooms and more than likely, we all hate the experience. The simple thought of picking up germs is something each of us has to deal with every single time we enter a public restroom. The most common habits are to enter the restroom without touching where others have touched, avoid anything commonly used in the restroom, wash our hands, and exit by not touching the door handle. Most readers will be surprised to find out where the highest counts of bacteria actually live and how they can be spread.

Most of us have been misled by paper towel manufacturer funded studies that paper towels are more sanitary than hand dryers. Now this article is not really about hand dryers vs. paper towels so we won’t go down that road. The debate will live forever. And the truth is, because of the false understandings, most people prefer paper towels still. But let’s just present two quick facts and then move away from this debatable topic.

Bacteria Killing Hand Dryer

Cold Plasma Clean Technology Kills Bacteria Fast While Hands are Drying

The first fact being today’s hand dryer technology is far superior than it was in the past. For example, ProDryers offers the American Dryer ExtremeAir CPC which kills just about all bacteria. Yes, you heard that correctly. The CPC hand dryer has been independently proven to kill E.coli, C.diff, Staph, MRSA, and Salmonella. It has not been tested for bacteria such as Ebola yet. There is a high probability that it will kill most bacteria as it basically converts air to cold plasma. Using ionized air that contains positively and negatively charged molecules that attract and kill germs, it results in the by-product of pure water vapor. Cold plasma is commonly used in hospitals to treat surgical wounds and prevent bacteria. It’s also used in the food industry. This technology has recently been introduced, and not a minute too soon as we battle the spread of bacteria inside and outside public restrooms. This hand dryer uses cold plasma technology that cracks bacteria open like an eggshell and literally creates a sanitized bubble of clean air. The result is nearly all bacteria is killed and hands are sanitized upon exit of the restroom which greatly cuts down on the spread of germs.

The second fact is many studies have recently been introduced that prove bacteria actually lives on paper towel. You can find many forms of bacteria on both virgin paper towel and recycled paper towel. Damp paper towel will have much more bacteria present, but even unused paper towel may have bacteria waiting to jump onto your hands.  Doing a quick Google search on “bacteria lives on paper towel” will prove this point with reputable studies.

So where are the hot spots for bacteria in a public restroom? Surprisingly, hand dryers do not normally contain much bacteria unless they are push-buttons. We know paper towel dispensers contain fair bacteria counts. But one of the largest breeding grounds for bacteria in a restroom is at the sink. At all costs, avoid touching the counter-tops and sink area. Many people believe the most contaminated areas would be the toilet seats. Not the case. Although the thought of public toilet seats is gut wrenching, it’s not highly probable to pick up diseases and bacteria from toilet seats in general. Of course if urine has hit the seat, that would elevate the bacteria count. But the most dangerous point of using the restroom is when the toilet is flushed. Bacteria basically waits until the toilet bowl is empty and at it’s driest point, and then the bacteria jumps out in a mist where germs from urine and feces can be ingested. It is strongly advised to cover your mouth and nose when flushing and exit the stall as quickly as possible. And remember, the American Dryer ExtremeAir CPC will kill not only germs and sanitize the air around you, it will also kill odors. This is just another reason why all facilities should consider the cold plasma clean hand dryer.

So how do we avoid pickling up germs since we know all public restrooms have bacteria waiting for us? Most restrooms today do not have fully automatic, touch-less technology throughout the restroom. Automatic faucets help greatly to reduce the spread of germs, but one piece of touch-less technology cannot do the job alone. Our restrooms today should focus on as much touch-less, hands-off technology as possible. Automatic flush valves, sensor operated faucets, touch-less soap dispensers and infrared activated hand dryers should all be used. However, our best bet to avoid bacteria is to avoid touching items we really don’t need to touch. For example, when entering the restroom, use your shoe to push open the door. If a door must be pulled to open it, then use a napkin or the end of your sleeve to protect your hand. Try touching on the handle where most people would not touch, like the very top. Another good strategy is to follow somebody else in so you can avoid touching the handle altogether. While inside the restroom, cover the toilet seat if you must sit down with toilet seat covers or toilet paper. But keep in mind, toilet paper dispensers are often harboring plenty of germs. Some restrooms have toilet seat cover dispensers, but to be honest, not many. When flushing the toilet, use your shoe if the flush valve is not automatic. Remember to cover your mouth and nose and exit the stall as quickly as possible. When washing hands, spend at least 30 seconds scrubbing thoroughly. Remember to scrub under the finger nails and between fingers. Friction will also kill off germs so wash with intent to harm these little bugs. Avoid touching the faucets. Manual faucets should be touched in areas of the faucet handle where others would not normally touch it. Consider using a paper towel to turn on the faucet. Although we know bacteria lives on paper towel, the faucet has a much higher bacteria count. Using paper would be better than touching the faucet with your bare hand. Upon exit, look for an automatic hand dryer. It’s much more hygienic than a paper towel dispenser. If you are lucky, the hand dryer will be HEPA filtered or utilize cold plasma like the ExtremeAir CPC. Upon exiting the restroom, try not to touch the door handle. This is pretty much common knowledge. Although we know bacteria lives on paper towel, it would be better to use paper towel to open the door if not other way exists as the door handle will likely have a fair bacteria count.

Hand Dryers Spread Germs, FALSE!

If you believe hand dryers spread germs, you could not be further from the truth.  ProDryers is here to educate readers on hand dryers and the spreading of germs.  Hand dryers have come a long way with technology.  Nearly all studies favoring paper towel over hand dryers have been funded by the paper industry.  And, in nearly all studies, old hand dryers of 20+ years were used.  There are plenty of hand dryers today that are more hygienic than paper towel. 

For the best example, look at the new ExtremeAir CPC hand dryer.  The ExtremeAir CPC kills 99.6% of all germs on and around hands.  In fact, even if the soap dispensers are out of soap in the restroom, this hand dryer will still kill 99.6% of germs on hands.  It creates a bubble of sanitized warm air.  Technically it’s using cold plasma.  But don’t be confused by the name, the air is still heated by a heating element.

Proven cold plasma technology has successfully been used to purify the air in commercial buildings since the 1930s. The prestigious Cleveland Clinic, Baylor College of Medicine and Boston Children’s Hospital use this technology to keep the air clean. More recently, cold plasma has been used in the medical industry to treat surgical incisions and kill bacteria in the food processing industry. Today, the eXtremeAir cPc hand dryer has advanced this technology to kill the germs on your hands while you dry them.

CPC technology is proven to kill harmful pathogens including E.Coli, C. Diff, Staph, MRSA, and TB. Testing has been done independently by EMSL Labs, an Elite CDC certified lab. The eXtremeAir with CPC technology has also been independently tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), passing both the UL867 and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.

More on Cold Plasma, and specifically how American Dryer uses it in the ExtremeAir CPC:

How does CPC Technology Work?  Cold plasma, or bipolar ionization, is nature’s way of cleaning the air and killing germs. High levels of ionization are found in the fresh air breeze off the ocean or on top of a mountain. CPC technology is natural and safe. It does not create harmful levels of ozone. The cold plasma generator inside the EXTREMEAIR® CPC uses steady-­‐state positive and negative discharge points to split water molecules in the air into oppositely charged hydrogen (H+) and oxygen (O2 –) ions. These ions in turn break down gases to harmless compounds prevalent in the atmosphere. For example, ammonia that causes typical body odor breaks down to oxygen, nitrogen and water vapor. Air is made up of millions of molecules, including harmful gases, fibers, mold, bacteria, and viruses. CPC technology breaks down those harmful molecules into simple, safe, naturally occurring molecules.

The bipolar ionization generator creates cold plasma discharge from the outlet nozzle of the hand dryer that consists of positive ions (H+) and negative ions (O2 –) from water vapor in the air. These ions surround harmful substances such as airborne mold, virus, bacteria, volatile organic compounds and allergens. The ions are transformed into hydroxyl (OH•) radicals on the cell membrane surfaces to rob the harmful substance of a hydrogen atom (H), severing the protein walls of the cell membrane inactivating them. The OH• radicals instantly bond with the removed hydrogen (H), forming water vapor (H2O), and return to the air.

More on Cold Plasma:

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Myths about Hand Dryers Part One:

This blog was written by a 3rd party source to give our readers a different point of view.

These days many commercial bathrooms have hand dryers. Without question, hand dryers will continue to be added to more and more bathrooms in the future. This seems to be the way public opinion is headed as people become more conscious of germs and protecting the environment. However, there are still myths about hand dryers floating around in the public consciousness.  I’d like to tackle five of these myths examined in the article “Blowing Hot Air? Five Myths about Hand Dryers Debunked” written by Denis Gagnon president of Excel Dryer Inc. and inventor of the Xlerator hand dryer. The article in its entirety can be found publicly at http://www.handdryersvspapertowels.com/Resources/ExcelDryerXlerator/Hand%20Dryers%205%20Myths-Web.pdf

Myth Number One: “Hand dryers are not sanitary.” This is an argument I have not heard before and I was interested to read more about this myth. In 1993 an unpublished study funded by the Association of Makers of Soft Tissue Papers (truly there is an association for every line of work) concluded “…that hand dryers dramatically increased bacteria counts.” In 1994 Dr. Syed Saatar from the University of Ottawa discredited the 1993 study in his paper “Bacteria on Washed and Dried Hands: A Critical Review of two Unpublished Reports from the University of Westminster.” Dr. Saatar found the study had  “Certain flaws in the methodology that compromised its value.”   This supports a study conducted in 1990, which found “That the interior of a hand dryer is dry, and constantly heated, creating a poor environment for the propagation of microorganisms.” The study goes on to state “The interior of a dryer has bacteria counts two to four times lower than other surfaces in the bathroom…” In the end this myth was debunked by science. Like all myths though they tend to take on a life of their own. The next myth is definitely a popular one.

Myth Number Two: “Hand dryers don’t dry hands effectively.” This was an issue with older hand dryer models that didn’t dry hands in a reasonable amount of time. “The ineffectiveness of typical hand dryers lies in a flawed design of most early models, and those flaws continue in many existing dryers today.” These early hand dryers took a long time to evaporate the water on the hands and people were frustrated. “The idea was that a warm steady stream of air would evaporate the water on hands, much as a hair dryer dries hair.” This of course takes time that people in the bathroom were not willing to spend when drying off with a paper towel was quicker. Excel Dryer Inc. developed the Xlerator to combat this issue. Excel “…developed a more focused streamlined nozzle that would direct high-velocity air at the hands, blowing away the loose droplets and breaking up the layer of water vapor between the air and the skin, allowing it to evaporate more quickly.” Fortunately I’ve seen this more efficient hand dryer in many public bathrooms. Now our hands can dry in 10-15 seconds as opposed to several minutes.

We’ve examined two of the five common myths about hand dryers. In my next post we will explore the other three. Stay tuned…

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Fighting Bacteria in Commercial Restrooms, HEPA Hand Dryers

Fighting Restroom Bacteria with the Hepa Filter Hand Dryer

Everyday people become more aware of how easily bacteria can be spread.  Technologies are always improving to help combat bacteria that lead to disease.  A very infamous sickness every year is influenza which is an airborne illness.  In restroom areas fighting pathogens such as bacteria is especially important.  The first and most simple way to do this is by washing your hands thoroughly but after that of course, you have to dry them.  Hand dryers are superior to bacteria filled recycled paper towels, however just the hand dryer having a large particle filter may not be good enough.  Three of the top hand dryer manufacturers, Dyson, Excel, and Palmer Fixture have implemented HEPA filters in their top models.  HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air; as these hand dryers draw in the air to dry hands the HEPA filter eliminates 99.97% of air particles.  These airborne particles may very well contain harmful bacteria.  Medical applications often use or are required to use HEPA filters showing their strength in helping fight dangerous pathogens like airborne illnesses.  Food plants, restaurants, hotels and more also often request HEPA filtered hand dryers specific situations.  The Dyson Airblade, Dyson Airblade V, Dyson Airblade Tap, and Palmer Fixture iStorm all have a pre-installed HEPA filter.  The Xlerator hand dryer also gives the option of a HEPA filter.  These dryers do more than providing clean, pure air; they also dry your hand quickly and efficiently while saving energy.  Each of these models dry hands in just 10-15 seconds!  The Dyson airblade uses the new v4 digital motor which moves air at 420 MPH making it the most powerful and hygienic hand dryer line on the market.  If there was ever concern about hand dryers not being sanitary and taking too long to dry hands, these high speed HEPA equipped dryers are the solution.  No more bacteria filled air and waiting too long for your hands to be dry!   Consider these high speed, HEPA filtered, fast hand dryers:

All of the models are in stock and ship free and fast! Contact our customer service team at 734-466-9767 for more information regarding the HEPA filter and our hand dryers.

Daily Cleaning Tips for the Dyson Airblade

The cleaning of the Dyson Airblade is a quick process that will help ensure you are obtaining the best use of your hand dryer. It will also help prolong the life of your machine. Cleaning your Dyson Airblade should be added to the list of daily restroom maintenance items. To clean you will want to use a soft cloth and a cleaner that is non-abrasive. Majority of professional cleaners can be safely used on the Airblade. Products to avoid include: alcohol-acid mixes, alcohol, solvent and oil based, bleach mixes, or foaming ingredients. If you are unsure if the cleaning product you are using is safe then test on an indistinct area first. Clean the Airblade with this soft cloth and cleaner, paying special attention to the air slots and any of the areas that have seams. You will also want to clean the bottom of the dryer where the air inlet is, this will help you get the most efficiency out of the HEPA filter that comes pre-installed. Lastly you want to clean the floor around and beneath the machine to eliminate even more bacteria. These steps will help your Dyson Airblade perform at the maximum level while adding to its lifetime.

ProDryers is a master distributor of all major brand hand dryers, including the Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, World Dryer, and much more.

This is a link showing step by step instructions:


Dyson Airblade

Dyson Airblade Best Price at ProDryers

Environment Trivia

At ProDryers we truly care about the environment and like to do our part in helping create a greener planet.  Many of our hand dryers are GreenSpec listed proving they are helpful to the environment.  A large amount of the products we carry will reduce carbon footprint and also save our trees.  In a fun fashion but with some eye-opening facts we are going to see how much you (the consumer) know about our environment with a little bit of trivia. Good luck!

Q. True or False: Oxygen is the most prevalent gas in our atmosphere.

A. False. The atmosphere is composed of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and the rest is made up of gases like argon, carbon dioxide, helium, and others.

Q. True or False: The United States alone uses 25% of the world’s natural resources.

A. True and the U.S. only make up about 5% of the world’s population.

Q. Earth Day is on which date?

1. September 17th

2. April 22nd

3. April 30th

4. July 4th

Answer: April 22nd, which is also the first full day of spring.

Q. True or False: The human population has grown more in the last 50 years than it has in the previous 4 million years.

A. True.

Q. True or False: 100 tons of paper towel are used in the U.S. every day.

A. False, actually nearly 3,000 tons of paper towel are used daily!

Q. How many trees does it take to make 1 ton of paper towels?

1. 11

2. 3

3. 31

4. 17

Answer: 17

Q. True or False: Earth is 45% land and 55% water.

A. False 70% of the Earth’s surface is water while 30% is land.

Q. Forests cover what percentage of the Earth’s land area.

1. 9%

2. 30%

3. 21%

4. 17%

Answer: 30%, or about 9% of the total Earth’s surface.

Q. True or False: The average American uses about 70 gallons of water a day.

A. True.

Q. The energy saved from one recycled aluminum can is enough to operate a TV for how long?

1. 10 minutes

2. 1 hour

3. 3 hours

4. 45 minutes

Answer:  3 hours.

We hope you have enjoyed this trivia, check back for more soon!

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Sound Level Comparison With Hand Dryers

Sound levels per brand

            Each of the top hand dryer brands we sell at ProDryers is unique with its features and also unique depending on the consumer’s needs.  Noise level is one of the features that we are here to compare.  Always remember the general rule (which is majority of the time) the louder the dryer, the faster it will dry hands.  Keep in mind the average hand dryer is about 80 dB.  Our top brands include Dyson, Excel, American Dryer, Palmer Fixture, World Dryer, and more.  We will start with the loudest hand dryers and work our way to the quietest.  All of the sound ratings are directly from the manufacturer.  If you are unsure just how the ratings work or how loud they actually sound, follow this link How Hand Dryer Sound and Noise is Measured.  The Dyson Airblade which is one of the most powerful hand dryers on the market is also one of the louder dryers at 85 dB; with an air speed of 400 M.P.H. this makes sense.  The new Dyson Airblade models will operate with a reduction of the unpleasant tones but offer 420 MPH as the motor has been improved.  The SLIMdri by World Dryer also rates at 80-85 dB.  Next would be the World Dryer SMARTdri which can also reach 85 dB, however with an adjustable motor speed this can be toned down to 73 dB or lower.  One of our most popular items the Xlerator which is pre-installed with the 1.1 noise reduction nozzle has a sound level between 77-82 dB.  American Dryer’s line the Extreme Air which includes the GXT and EXT come standard at 83 dB but have the possibility to lower the motor speed and get to the 60’s decibel range.  The ExtremeAir is perfect for nearly every situation.  The Extreme Air can handle high volume traffic from facilities such as zoos, stadiums, venues, parks, and more, while the motor can easily adjust down for a quieter operation suitable for offices, schools with small children, restaurants, and even libraries.  The Xlerator hand dryer also offers a (add-on for about $30) kit that will enable the adjustment of the motor which yields a quieter experience.   Finally our products from Palmer Fixture, the storm hand dryers:  The BluStorm is rated at 80 dB, the uniquely designed iStorm at 67 dB, and the EcoStorm with a very minimal 64 dB.  All of these dryers each provide something unique to the consumer.  In the end, don’t get too caught up on the technical dB ratings as each is measured by the manufacturer.  Call us so we can explain in easy terms which hand dryers would be best for each specific facility.  Call 888-50-Dryer to talk to our hand dryer experts now and we’ll educate you on sound levels and how they truly compare to one another side by side.  We’ll throw out all the technical data and get to the truth as we truly compare each unit against one another.  If you are near Livonia, MI and would like to come and test each unit out, stop by our office and visit our demo room!

Storm Hand Dryers, BluStorm, EcoStorm, iStorm

Storm Hand Dryers

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Have you heard about the new Storm hand dryers?  At ProDryers we carry all the major brands of hand dryers including the newest line of Storm hand dryers.  The storm series includes the well-known BluStorm hand dryer, the EcoStorm hand dryer, and the newest technology in restroom hand dryers, the iStorm.  The iStorm dries hands in 10-15 seconds like most high speed hand dryers do, but it combines the best features of most machines into one unit.  Features such as fast dry times, hygienic filtration, quieter operation than other high speed units, capturing water and keep walls and floors dry, unique stylish design suited for professional facilities such as car dealerships, dentist offices, physician offices, casinos, airports, and more.

The iStorm is unique because its design utilizes a ceramic absorbent plate that captures most of the water as the 3 air outlets drive water back and away from the user.  This hand dryer minimizes splash-back and much of the water is naturally absorbed through the ceramic absorbent plate.  The iStorm also features a drip tray much like the Mitsubishi Jet Towel where water is prevented from hitting the walls and floors.  It’s also quieter than most other high speed hand dryers, yet it still offers a high and low switch to make it even quieter if desired.  It filters through 3 layers with a HEPA/Carbon/Anti-Bacteria system that eliminates 99.97% of all bacteria in the air before it’s blown onto the hands.  No paper towel can compare hygienically.  The iStorm is super-stylish with a unique design making it easier to use and more appealing to the eye as it improves on the restroom décor.

ProDryers is a master distributor of all major hand dryers such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, the Dyson Airblade hand dryers, World Dryer models such as the SlimDri and SmartDri, and much more.  Get the absolute best price, best customer service, best product support, best product knowledge and everything ships free to anywhere in the contiguous US.  There is no better place on earth to buy hand dryers!  Call 888-50-DRYER now!

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At ProDryers, you get only the top grade hand dryers such as the Xlerator hand dryer, the ExtremeAir, the Dyson Airblade hand dryers, World Dryer models and more.  You won’t find imitation brands that look like the Xlerator.  We represent the best manufacturers around the world; companies such as Excel Dryer, World Dryer, Dyson, American Dryer, Saniflow, Bobrick, Palmer Fixture, ASI, Bradley, and more.

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