Machflow Hand Dryer: it’s Stylish, High-Speed, Powerful, and Extremely Energy Efficient

We talk a lot about hand dryers here at the hand dryer guru blog by ProDryers because that’s what we do; we specialize in all major brands of hand dryers. We know hand dryers like nobody’s business and will always provide pure expertise in consulting with businesses on which hand dryers are the best choices for each specific restroom and facility.

Saniflow Machflow High-Speed Hand DryerOne hand dryer we have neglected to mention over the years is the Saniflow Machflow. Not because it’s not an outstanding product, but because it slips under the radar as the manufacturer is actually out of Spain with a U.S. presence in Miami, Florida. Everything is normally in stock and ready to ship fast and free. Saniflow has been a highly trusted manufacturer of hand dryers for ProDryers for many years. We have had an outstanding success rate with our customers with a long standing track record of high quality units. We support Saniflow as a trusted brand.

Saniflow offers a very unique line of hand dryers that stand out from the standard designs. Saniflow was the first to bring an ADA surface mounted slim designed, high speed dryer to the U.S. market with the Speedflow. And the Machflow was not far behind offering a high speed, no heat, energy efficient approach to drying hands in the public bathroom. On the lowest speed, it consumes about 420 watts with a universal voltage of 110-240 volts. It moves air at about 202 MPH and dries hands in about 10 seconds using a fraction of the electrical that most hand dryers use. Penn State has been one of our biggest buyers of the Machflow. They have been buying them for years from ProDryers and in bulk quantities. This is pure proof that the university is seeing a good return on saving costs in paper towels, maintenance associated with paper towels, and energy consumption. The unique design of the Machflow hand dryer offers a different look in the restroom; it’s stylish and modern.

We prefer not to make a direct comparison with the Machflow hand dryer vs. our other top sellers such as the Xlerator. They are just totally different products and that’s basically why we started ProDryers in the first place; to offer our customers a full range of choices for the public restroom with unbiased recommendations.

Buy the Machflow and all other top brand hand dryers at ProDryers now and save with guaranteed best pricing and fast free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States. Call us at 888-503-7937 or buy online at now!

Funny Hand Dryer Videos

Funny Hand Dryer Videos

We’ve decided to put together a list of all the funniest hand dryer videos we can find.  All across the world, people have recorded some fairly funny videos with hand dryers.  Some are creative while others not so much.  You’ll find people dancing with hand dryers, people singing with hand dryers, playing music on them, letting air blow into their mouths, people drying babies butts, people drying dogs with them, drying sweaty armpits, and even doing pranks with hand dryers.  Consider some of the funny videos below:

Hand Dryer Powder Prank

Hand Dryer Blows Women’s’ Dress Up

Girl Playing Music with Xlerator Hand Dryers

Goofs Trying to Sit on Hand Dryers

Tiny Female Flies Out of Xlerator Hand Dryer (Watch Very Closely!)

The Hand Dryer Dance

The Kids That Loved the Hand Dryer

Kids that Love the Xlerator Hand Dryer

Hand Dryer Dries Baby’s Butt, Dog, Sweaty Armpits and More

Girl Eating Bowl of Noodles in Hand Dryer Commercial

Funny Hand Dryer Cartoon

Girl Gets Shirt Blown off by Hand Dryer

We hope you enjoyed some of the random funny videos we have found around the world.  Visit ProDryers for the best price on all hand dryers.  ProDryers is a master distributor of all major brands including the Xlerator Hand Dryer, ExtremeAir Hand Dryer, Dyson Airblade, BluStorm Hand Dryer, World Dryer, and much more.  We offer free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US along with the absolute best prices anywhere.

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Environment Trivia

At ProDryers we truly care about the environment and like to do our part in helping create a greener planet.  Many of our hand dryers are GreenSpec listed proving they are helpful to the environment.  A large amount of the products we carry will reduce carbon footprint and also save our trees.  In a fun fashion but with some eye-opening facts we are going to see how much you (the consumer) know about our environment with a little bit of trivia. Good luck!

Q. True or False: Oxygen is the most prevalent gas in our atmosphere.

A. False. The atmosphere is composed of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and the rest is made up of gases like argon, carbon dioxide, helium, and others.

Q. True or False: The United States alone uses 25% of the world’s natural resources.

A. True and the U.S. only make up about 5% of the world’s population.

Q. Earth Day is on which date?

1. September 17th

2. April 22nd

3. April 30th

4. July 4th

Answer: April 22nd, which is also the first full day of spring.

Q. True or False: The human population has grown more in the last 50 years than it has in the previous 4 million years.

A. True.

Q. True or False: 100 tons of paper towel are used in the U.S. every day.

A. False, actually nearly 3,000 tons of paper towel are used daily!

Q. How many trees does it take to make 1 ton of paper towels?

1. 11

2. 3

3. 31

4. 17

Answer: 17

Q. True or False: Earth is 45% land and 55% water.

A. False 70% of the Earth’s surface is water while 30% is land.

Q. Forests cover what percentage of the Earth’s land area.

1. 9%

2. 30%

3. 21%

4. 17%

Answer: 30%, or about 9% of the total Earth’s surface.

Q. True or False: The average American uses about 70 gallons of water a day.

A. True.

Q. The energy saved from one recycled aluminum can is enough to operate a TV for how long?

1. 10 minutes

2. 1 hour

3. 3 hours

4. 45 minutes

Answer:  3 hours.

We hope you have enjoyed this trivia, check back for more soon!

ProDryers is a Master Distributor of all major brand hand dryers.  Some of our most popular sellers are:

High Speed Hand Dryers Under $350

When searching for a high speed hand dryer that works exceptionally well without emptying your wallet, it may seem hard to do with all the possible choices.  Look no further than ProDryers because we have the solution to this problem!  For under $350, ProDryers has three great high speed hand dryers that come with great performance but low cost.  These dryers are the World Dryer Airforce, Palmer Fixture BluStorm, and Palmer Fixture EcoStorm.  Drying your hands within 10-15 seconds each of these dryers is a deal that can’t be beat.  The World Dryer Airforce dries hands in just 12 seconds and is one of the cheapest solutions to eliminating paper towel!  The surface of the Airforce is also coated with an antimicrobial additive to help reduce the growth of any harmful bacteria.  Saving up to 95% against paper towel the BluStorm is our next suggested dryer.  The BluStorm also saves up to 70% compared to conventional dryers. With the ability to change speeds from 169 to 225 M.P.H. this dryer can wipe water from the hands in just 10-15 seconds.  Another benefit from changing speeds is that it will give the possibility to lower the sound level if desired making the BluStorm the cheapest fast hand dryer offering sound adjustment for a quiet operation.  A feature unique to the BluStorm is the blue LED light that illuminates the area in which your hands are being dried.  This unique feature helps maximize hand drying efficiency and gives a stylish look.  The next high speed dryer at a super low price is also made by Palmer Fixture called the EcoStorm.  The EcoStorm won’t even cost a dollar until it has 4000 uses!  It has a cost savings of up to 97% against paper towel while drying your hands in less than 15 seconds.  This dryer is one of the fastest green hand dryers on the market for under $300!  We do have many more options to choose from; however with a tight budget you can’t go wrong with any of these three dryers.  At ProDryers we are hand dryer experts, call us with any questions at 888-50-Dryer.  Remember all of our items ship for free to the contiguous 48 states, and we also carry over 2500 commercial restroom products!

High Speed Hand Dryers without the High Price Tag (under $350):

Cheap Cheaper Cheapest
Cheap Low Price Hand Dryer Cheaper Low Price Hand Dryer Cheapest Low Price Hand Dryer

ProDryers is a master distributor of all major hand dryers including top brand such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer, the Dyson Airblade, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, all World Dryer models, and much more.  Buy from the #1 trusted hand dryer store and get the best prices along with free shipping.  It’s a deal that can’t be beat!

Sound Level Comparison With Hand Dryers

Sound levels per brand

            Each of the top hand dryer brands we sell at ProDryers is unique with its features and also unique depending on the consumer’s needs.  Noise level is one of the features that we are here to compare.  Always remember the general rule (which is majority of the time) the louder the dryer, the faster it will dry hands.  Keep in mind the average hand dryer is about 80 dB.  Our top brands include Dyson, Excel, American Dryer, Palmer Fixture, World Dryer, and more.  We will start with the loudest hand dryers and work our way to the quietest.  All of the sound ratings are directly from the manufacturer.  If you are unsure just how the ratings work or how loud they actually sound, follow this link How Hand Dryer Sound and Noise is Measured.  The Dyson Airblade which is one of the most powerful hand dryers on the market is also one of the louder dryers at 85 dB; with an air speed of 400 M.P.H. this makes sense.  The new Dyson Airblade models will operate with a reduction of the unpleasant tones but offer 420 MPH as the motor has been improved.  The SLIMdri by World Dryer also rates at 80-85 dB.  Next would be the World Dryer SMARTdri which can also reach 85 dB, however with an adjustable motor speed this can be toned down to 73 dB or lower.  One of our most popular items the Xlerator which is pre-installed with the 1.1 noise reduction nozzle has a sound level between 77-82 dB.  American Dryer’s line the Extreme Air which includes the GXT and EXT come standard at 83 dB but have the possibility to lower the motor speed and get to the 60’s decibel range.  The ExtremeAir is perfect for nearly every situation.  The Extreme Air can handle high volume traffic from facilities such as zoos, stadiums, venues, parks, and more, while the motor can easily adjust down for a quieter operation suitable for offices, schools with small children, restaurants, and even libraries.  The Xlerator hand dryer also offers a (add-on for about $30) kit that will enable the adjustment of the motor which yields a quieter experience.   Finally our products from Palmer Fixture, the storm hand dryers:  The BluStorm is rated at 80 dB, the uniquely designed iStorm at 67 dB, and the EcoStorm with a very minimal 64 dB.  All of these dryers each provide something unique to the consumer.  In the end, don’t get too caught up on the technical dB ratings as each is measured by the manufacturer.  Call us so we can explain in easy terms which hand dryers would be best for each specific facility.  Call 888-50-Dryer to talk to our hand dryer experts now and we’ll educate you on sound levels and how they truly compare to one another side by side.  We’ll throw out all the technical data and get to the truth as we truly compare each unit against one another.  If you are near Livonia, MI and would like to come and test each unit out, stop by our office and visit our demo room!

Storm Hand Dryers, BluStorm, EcoStorm, iStorm

Storm Hand Dryers

Buy Storm Hand Dryers at the Best Prices with Free Shipping!

Have you heard about the new Storm hand dryers?  At ProDryers we carry all the major brands of hand dryers including the newest line of Storm hand dryers.  The storm series includes the well-known BluStorm hand dryer, the EcoStorm hand dryer, and the newest technology in restroom hand dryers, the iStorm.  The iStorm dries hands in 10-15 seconds like most high speed hand dryers do, but it combines the best features of most machines into one unit.  Features such as fast dry times, hygienic filtration, quieter operation than other high speed units, capturing water and keep walls and floors dry, unique stylish design suited for professional facilities such as car dealerships, dentist offices, physician offices, casinos, airports, and more.

The iStorm is unique because its design utilizes a ceramic absorbent plate that captures most of the water as the 3 air outlets drive water back and away from the user.  This hand dryer minimizes splash-back and much of the water is naturally absorbed through the ceramic absorbent plate.  The iStorm also features a drip tray much like the Mitsubishi Jet Towel where water is prevented from hitting the walls and floors.  It’s also quieter than most other high speed hand dryers, yet it still offers a high and low switch to make it even quieter if desired.  It filters through 3 layers with a HEPA/Carbon/Anti-Bacteria system that eliminates 99.97% of all bacteria in the air before it’s blown onto the hands.  No paper towel can compare hygienically.  The iStorm is super-stylish with a unique design making it easier to use and more appealing to the eye as it improves on the restroom décor.

ProDryers is a master distributor of all major hand dryers such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, the Dyson Airblade hand dryers, World Dryer models such as the SlimDri and SmartDri, and much more.  Get the absolute best price, best customer service, best product support, best product knowledge and everything ships free to anywhere in the contiguous US.  There is no better place on earth to buy hand dryers!  Call 888-50-DRYER now!

How Much Money Can Hand Dryers Save In Paper Towel and Maintenance Costs?

Hand DryersWell this isn’t exactly rocket science as some companies and seasoned sales people may pitch.  You really don’t need anyone using pushy sales tactics trying to convince you on numbers.  That’s the difference with ProDryers; we aren’t sales people.  We don’t use pushy tactics.  Most of our customers come to us.  We will never pressure you in any way on buying anything.  We don’t have to.

Why would you need a sales person to tell you what is just basic math?   How much do you spend on paper towel per year?  Well, there is your answer.  Paper towels can be totally eliminated if you really want.  Of course it depends on your facility and the types of users the restroom encounters.  For example, a restaurant has customers; we all know some people prefer paper towel.  They may prefer paper towel over hand dryers altogether.  They may prefer to use paper towel for opening doors when exiting the restroom.  They may actually believe paper towels are more hygienic than hand dryers.   In these cases, you just can’t afford to ignore your customer base.  Visit hand dryers vs. paper towels to read case studies and get proof on how hand dryers are superior to paper towels hygienically.  However, the fact is, not everyone believes hand dryers are more hygienic and sanitary than paper towels yet.  Whatever the case, you may have to provide a combination of paper towel dispensers and hand dryers. 

With ProDryers, you get the best customer service possible, the best prices possible, and the fastest (free) shipping on all major brands.  Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews.  At ProDryers, we understand every customer is unique and requires a complete understanding of the business, the users, customers, employees, etc.; we aren’t just trying to push hand dryers on businesses and using the “save money” tag.  Of course hand dryers will save businesses money, and of course we state the obvious, but we go deeper.  We aren’t just hitting huge school projects and bidding all day long.  We get the opportunity to talk to many thousands of buyers from large facilities to small business owners such as bars, restaurants, car dealerships, doctor offices, dental offices, daycare centers, and much more.  We go the extra step for each and every one of them, regardless of the money we stand to make.  We take the time to understand which hand dryer would be best for the situation at hand, and then guide our customers on how to best encourage the users to gravitate towards the hand dryer and not the paper towel.   For example, a zoo may need a super-fast hand dryer that stands up to major punishment and abuse.  It may get over 1,000 uses per day.  Durability and dry time is most important.  The doors are often left open or non-existent so exit towels are not needed.  Zoo restrooms and the like could clutter very fast with paper towels.  People can stuff the toilets with paper towels.  The floors become a mess of paper quickly and it requires cost in maintenance wages to constantly clean up.  In this case, we might suggest eliminating paper towel by 100% using one of the two USA made high speed hand dryers such as the Xlerator hand dryer or the Extreme Air.  Dyson has come out with the Dyson Airblade V hand dryer and the Dyson Airblade Tap, which would also be a great fit for this scenario.  The new Dyson Airblade hand dryers should hit the US market soon.

At ProDryers, we don’t push our way into your restroom.  Most of our customers come to us.  And we treat each customer with the concept that we’d like to build a long lasting relationship.  Call us at 888-50-DRYER or visit us at today and we’ll take the time to understand your business before we make suggestions on cutting costs in your commercial restroom.

Futuristic Hand Dryers Have Hit Planet Earth. Buy Them From the Most Trusted Shop Online!

It’s almost like time travelers or alien technology is taking over with all the iPhones and smart phones coupled with the new wave of tablets like the iPad.  Now it’s even happening with hand dryers!  Speaking of iPads, did you know, ProDryers pulls an iPad winner after every 50th public review?  Review us at after your purchase?  We find it much more rewarding to give back to our customers.

At ProDryers, you get only the top grade hand dryers such as the Xlerator hand dryer, the ExtremeAir, the Dyson Airblade hand dryers, World Dryer models and more.  You won’t find imitation brands that look like the Xlerator.  We represent the best manufacturers around the world; companies such as Excel Dryer, World Dryer, Dyson, American Dryer, Saniflow, Bobrick, Palmer Fixture, ASI, Bradley, and more.

At ProDryers, we pride ourselves on being true experts on all of the hand dryers we carry.  We go the extra step to educate our buyers.  We are the 100%, original hand dryer shop that brought all of the top hand dryer brands together.  We believed the market was lacking the ability to have a customer compare and review all of the different unique features before the purchase.  Distributors were carrying only specific brands and that leads to a one-sided sales pitch: “buy this product, it’s the best!”  That leaves the distributor in control and not the customer.  That’s why we stock one of the widest selections of hand dryers on the planet.  The choice is yours and the price is more than fair.  At ProDryers, you are getting the best prices because we stock in high volumes.  You also get the quickest shipping.  Of course, many companies have been born in attempt to follow us – but they can’t take our name or our family values.  ProDryers is built with deep roots in customer service, IT, Accounting, and more customer service!  Did you know the ProDryers team is made up of professionals with over 300 years of combined customer service?  ProDryers is a brand that represents trust among contractors and the general public.  We are the one true unbiased place to research, review, and purchase hand dryers.  We are the safest and most trusted place to buy hand dryers and over 2500 restroom accessories online.

So call the leaders in online hand dryer sales today at 888-50-DRYER or 888-503-7937 and get your free hand dryer education.  We enjoy helping customers each day.  We go the extra mile each and every time; it’s just how we roll.


Discount Fast Hand Dryers, the Ones that Work at the Cheapest Prices

One of the most common requests we get at ProDryers regarding hand dryers is cheap and effective. Many of our customers want the cheapest high speed hand dryer but they need a reliable unit. We sell a couple high speed hand dryers that cost under $300 (at the time of this writing). Our most popular discount high speed hand dryer that won’t break your budget is the EcoStorm hand dryer. The EcoStorm hand dryer sells for just $290 at the time of this blog. The EcoStorm is actually very reliable and comes with a 3 year warranty. It is among the quietest high speed hand dryers on the market, it’s smaller than most hand dryers, and it dries hands in as little as 10 seconds. It is also made of 100% recyclable materials making it one of the greenest hand dryers available. So if you really want to stay under $300, this hand dryer is really worth taking a look at.

Another affordable solution is the World Dryer J-974 Airforce hand dryer. It’s currently priced at just $307. Call us for a better price at 888-50-DRYER! The J-974 World Dryer Airforce is also a high speed, energy efficient model. It dries hands in about 12-17 seconds and does not use a heating element, which conserves more energy than hand dryers using a heating element. The Airforce has stood the test of time and remains a very reliable hand dryer for the price. It’s really a steal because it really is cheaper than other hand dryers, yet it is superior to units twice as expensive. At $307, you can’t ask for much more out of a hand dryer. It comes with a 5 year warranty with World Dryer. The World Dryer SlimDri is also a great affordable choice. The SlimDri L-974 costs under $400. Plus, it’s ADA compliant with no need for a recess kit. It retrofits the old but popular World Dryer A series found at most McDonald’s fast food restaurants and many rest areas across the United States.

One of out top recommendations at ProDryers is the American Dryer GXT9 ExtremeAir (Heating Element) or the American Dryer EXT7 ExtremeAir (No Heating Element). This hand dryer really has it all at a super affordable price. Most importantly, it’s made in the USA (Livonia, MI – near Detroit Michigan). This American made machine is by far one of the toughest, fastest, and most energy efficient machines on the market. Plus it comes with more features than most other hand dryers making it a great solution for any facility. For example, the adjustable motor allows for full control of sound and speed. At the high setting, it dries hands in 10 seconds. If that’s a touch too loud, pop the cover off and drop the volume down. Even at the lowest setting, you’ll still be very happy with the dry time. At the lowest setting (69 dB), a normal conversation can occur between two people. In fact, the ExtremeAir hand dryers were installed in the Statue of Liberty back in 2008. As of date, there are no known problems with any of the hand dryers. The Extreme Air comes with a 5 year premium warranty. From our past experiences at ProDryers, this machine is second to nothing on the market and for the price, it’s a great deal to cut or eliminate the cost of paper towel. The machines will normally pay for themselves in a matter of months. It’s good to see high quality products are still made in the USA!

One of our top 2 sellers, the Xlerator hand dryer is also USA made. It’s probably the most popular hand dryer in the country and beyond the borders of America. It is super-fast and delivers a 10 second dry time. It’s very well suited for high traffic areas such as zoos, airports, theme parks, stadiums, venues, government facilities, parks, schools, colleges, universities, and much more. You’ll find the Xlerator in many rest areas across the US and in many high traffic facilities. Most people have seen or used the Xlerator by now, yet it is sure to always amaze. The Xlerator is among the most durable machines ever built to dry hands by far. Again, it seems the USA made products are still among the highest quality products in the world, at least when it comes to hand dryers.

There are many higher end, prestigious hand dryers on the market. The most popular is the Dyson Airblade. The Airblade hand dryer dries hands in 12 seconds flat. We can honestly stand behind the claim with confidence, that no other hand dryer (that we have seen) will dry hands quicker than the Dyson Airblade. It blasts thin sheets of air at 400+ MPH using Air Knife technology to strip water off the hands from both sides simultaneously. You pretty much place your hands inside the machine and pull them out as the water is literally scraped off the hands in seconds. It truly is an amazing machine. Of course the price is higher than the hand dryers mentioned above, but call ProDryers at 888-50-DRYER for the absolute, unbeatable price on the Airblade.

There are plenty of other hand dryers on the market worth mention. At ProDryers, we truly are experts in saving facilities the most money in cutting paper towel and energy costs. Call us at 888-50-DRYER to talk with a very knowledgeable hand dryer expert that can explain in depth, the pros and cons of each machine and how it may apply best to your specific situation.


Funny Hand Dryer Uses – from Drying Babies Butts, Dogs, Fingers, Toes, to Super Sweaty Armpits, The ExtremeAir Does it All

If you haven’t seen our latest hand dryer video, check it out. The ExtremeAir hand dryer has a face and even talks. He gets used and abused by the craziest people. One must wonder what a hand dryer really sees in its lifetime. And… the life of a hand dryer is 7-10 years on average. Imagine all the scenarios a hand dryer must be confronted with. If a hand dryer could talk, what stories would it tell us? We’ve all seen those drunken video postings on YouTube where drunk girls (even dudes, but we don’t care about them!) let the hand dryer blow massive air into their mouths and force their faces to ripple like a splash on a still pond. It doesn’t seem fun and doesn’t seem funny either, but it sure seems to entertain the drunk ladies (and dudes – cut it out guys, we don’t want to see it!).

In this video, we tried to keep it fun while focusing on the funny people in the restroom and how it would look from a hand dryer’s point of view. All of the actors in the video were locals to the Livonia, Michigan area. A couple high school students from Churchill high school were used.  A huge thanks from the ProDryers team goes out to their efforts.

This video may haunt some the next time a public restroom is used. You may visualize the hand dryer watching, and talking to you. You may wonder what he is saying to you…

As always, get the best prices on all hand dryers such as the ExtremeAir (sorry, it doesn’t really talk), the Xlerator hand dryer, the Dyson Airblade, all World Dryer models (consider the L-974 SlimDri ADA compliant surface-mounted high speed hand dryer), the newest technology on the block – the iStorm hand dryer, and so much more.

And don’t forget, ProDryers is owned and operated by Category Five Technologies. Visit all of our stores from the tabs at the top of any of our eCommerce websites. You can purchase Floor Machines such as auto scrubbers, sweepers, floor strippers, multi-task floor scrubbing machines, rider floor machines, commercial vacuums, and more at ProFloorMachines. Buy only the best in drinking fountains and water cooler quality at ProDrinkingFountains.

We offer a one-stop shop for almost everything commercial and industrial. Call 888-50-DRYER now and we’ll educate you on hand dryers like nobody else can!

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