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We have been so busy lately.  One of our goals is to make our online shopping experience quick and easy.  We have started to design all of our pages with our shoppers first in mind.  Our XLERATOR® hand dryer home page has been redesigned to visually display the eco vs. the standard heated version.  It provides total clarity to our shoppers and so far, it has received extremely positive feedback.  And for those shoppers than need to learn a little more about the XLERATOR® before buying, we have added a learn more button at the bottom of our page and to many other pages.  This learn more button is hard to miss and it serves as a quick, but complete educational and resource guide for the XLERATOR® and ThinAir®.

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ProDryers Hand Dryers

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We are in the process of moving all of our blogs over to this location as our other blog host has had some technical issues.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  If you are in search of hand dryer articles please see our hand dryer news section at ProDryers.  We are one of the top 3 hand dryer distributors in the entire United States.  Get the absolute best prices possible on all top, major brands such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer, the Dyson Airblade, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, all World Dryer models, Palmer Fixture’s BluStorm, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel, and even hard to find models by Bobrick, ASI, Saniflow, and more.  Call ProDryers at 888-50-DRYER now and we’ll educate you on hand dryers like no other company can!  We will offer the best solution for your specific needs and take the time to make sure we understand the type of business, the restroom audience, the amount of traffic, concerns for noise, ADA compliance requirements, and anything that may play an important role in the deciding factors of which hand dryer may best fit your restroom.  View our online reviews and see why so many choose ProDryers!

Sound Level Comparison With Hand Dryers

Sound levels per brand

            Each of the top hand dryer brands we sell at ProDryers is unique with its features and also unique depending on the consumer’s needs.  Noise level is one of the features that we are here to compare.  Always remember the general rule (which is majority of the time) the louder the dryer, the faster it will dry hands.  Keep in mind the average hand dryer is about 80 dB.  Our top brands include Dyson, Excel, American Dryer, Palmer Fixture, World Dryer, and more.  We will start with the loudest hand dryers and work our way to the quietest.  All of the sound ratings are directly from the manufacturer.  If you are unsure just how the ratings work or how loud they actually sound, follow this link How Hand Dryer Sound and Noise is Measured.  The Dyson Airblade which is one of the most powerful hand dryers on the market is also one of the louder dryers at 85 dB; with an air speed of 400 M.P.H. this makes sense.  The new Dyson Airblade models will operate with a reduction of the unpleasant tones but offer 420 MPH as the motor has been improved.  The SLIMdri by World Dryer also rates at 80-85 dB.  Next would be the World Dryer SMARTdri which can also reach 85 dB, however with an adjustable motor speed this can be toned down to 73 dB or lower.  One of our most popular items the Xlerator which is pre-installed with the 1.1 noise reduction nozzle has a sound level between 77-82 dB.  American Dryer’s line the Extreme Air which includes the GXT and EXT come standard at 83 dB but have the possibility to lower the motor speed and get to the 60’s decibel range.  The ExtremeAir is perfect for nearly every situation.  The Extreme Air can handle high volume traffic from facilities such as zoos, stadiums, venues, parks, and more, while the motor can easily adjust down for a quieter operation suitable for offices, schools with small children, restaurants, and even libraries.  The Xlerator hand dryer also offers a (add-on for about $30) kit that will enable the adjustment of the motor which yields a quieter experience.   Finally our products from Palmer Fixture, the storm hand dryers:  The BluStorm is rated at 80 dB, the uniquely designed iStorm at 67 dB, and the EcoStorm with a very minimal 64 dB.  All of these dryers each provide something unique to the consumer.  In the end, don’t get too caught up on the technical dB ratings as each is measured by the manufacturer.  Call us so we can explain in easy terms which hand dryers would be best for each specific facility.  Call 888-50-Dryer to talk to our hand dryer experts now and we’ll educate you on sound levels and how they truly compare to one another side by side.  We’ll throw out all the technical data and get to the truth as we truly compare each unit against one another.  If you are near Livonia, MI and would like to come and test each unit out, stop by our office and visit our demo room!

Saving Schools Money with Hand Dryers, Extreme Air EXT7

One of the best school hand dryers we sell at ProDryers.com is the Extreme Air EXT7. The EXT7 is a high speed, energy efficient hand dryer, but uses no heating element. It’s not a “cool air hand dryer” as it still operates around 90 degrees. It just does not heat up over 130 degrees like many hand dryers using a heating element. It’s a misunderstanding that hand dryers need hot air to dry hands effectively. Using no heating element allows facilities such as schools to save the maximum level of energy, the maximum level of installation costs (we’ll get to that later…), resulting in the ultimate total savings in already tight school budgets.

Why does the EXT7 ExtremeAir cost less to install than hand dryers with heating elements? A heating element uses much more energy forcing a dedicated line per hand dryer. Three (3) EXT7 Extreme Air hand dryers can be installed per line, which cuts heavily on installation costs. The ExtremeAir also has universal, auto-configuring voltage. The unit will take signals from the electrical and auto-configure everything from voltage, amps, and htz. This eliminates installation mistakes or worse yet, purchasing mistakes of the incorrect voltage.

The EXT7 EXTREMEAIR is perfect for all age groups from college students, high school, middle school, elementary, and even smaller children in pre-school or daycare centers. Why? First of all, no heat makes it less intimidating to smaller children. But most importantly, the EXT7 Extreme Air comes equipped with an adjustable motor. It defaults at a high speed 10 second dry time. Smaller children may find it a touch intimidating and thus, the motor can be adjusted down to a much softer hand drying experience. It’s kind of like an old school radio dial which controls the motor by percentage. Even at the lowest setting, the EXT7 still dries hands at an acceptable rate and operates much faster than old traditional hand dryers. At 69 decibels, the EXT version of the ExtremeAir hand dryer would allow two people to have a normal conversation and still hear each other.

The ExtremeAir is USA made and offers maximum quality with a maximum cost savings and is among the top selling school hand dryers at ProDryers.com. Buy it at the absolute lowest price possible with free shipping. Call 888-50DRYER or 888-503-7937 for a quote! Visit www.ProDryers.com for more information.

At ProDryers, we carry all major hand dryer brands including the Xlerator hand dryer, the Dyson Airblade, World Dryer, the iStorm hand dryer, Saniflow hand dryers, and much more. We are a master distributor of all major brands covering the entire United States with 100% free shipping and top quality customer service. Our customer service team is unmatched within the industry. We carry a heavy line of products from hand dryers, drinking fountains, floor machines, and more. Shop all of our stores from any of our websites.


Paper Towels Can’t Compare to Hand Dryers Armed with HEPA Filters to Kill Bacteria

Washing hands in a public restroom and bacteria has been associated with one another for years.  Numerous studies have been conducted, and the debate is ongoing.  Which is more sanitary, a hand dryer or paper towel?  Fact: Most of the studies favoring paper towels have been funded by the paper towel industry.  The fact is: the paper towel industry is on the ropes and naturally fighting back hard.  Fact: the hand dryers used in most (possibly all) studies, were not of the new hand dryer breed.  New technology used in hand dryers such as the Xlerator, Dyson Airblade, Extreme Air, SlimDri, iStorm, Jet Towel, and more range from electrical costs such as $35.00 per year or 18 cents per 1,000 uses to operate.  Each hand dryer manufacturer has its own claim on energy savings, but one can’t deny, when it comes to hygiene and sanitation, some of the newer hand dryer models use HEPA filtration which eliminates 99.97% of all bacteria in the air before the air is used to dry hands.  The Dyson Airblade and iStorm are equipped with HEPA filtration systems while units such as the Xlerator hand dryer can be retrofit with a HEPA filter kit as needed.  The same can’t be said for paper as bacteria actually lives well and breeds in damp used paper towel scattered across the restroom floors.  Worse yet, bacteria and germs are proven to live even on dry paper; recycled paper actually hosts more bacteria and germs than virgin paper towels.  See www.handdryersvspapertowels.com for more eye-opening proof on hand dryers vs. paper towels.

Studies have proven that unused paper towel hold bacteria. In the American Journal of Infection Control, researchers found these bacteria and claim it could be transferred to hands after washing.  Other studies have found that a certain kind of bacteria that has been found in paper towel have been associated with eye, lung and blood infections. A bacillus bacterium which was also found in unused paper towel is known to produce toxins which can lead to food poisoning.   Although these bacteria may not affect those that are healthy, those with weakened immune systems needing extra caution may find it important to stay away from paper towel.

Not only are there proven studies that bacteria is found in almost all unused paper towel, the fact stands that bacteria spreads far greater when on damp paper found scattered around the restroom. How many times have you walked into a restroom and seen paper towel scattered across the floor, on the counter tops, and thrown all around the trash can with a few pieces actually making into the garbage can?   So aside from paper towels being full of bacteria before actual use, they are even more harmful after they are used and tossed on the floor making the restroom unhygienic and unappealing.

A clean and sterile bathroom is a key factor in keeping your employees and customers happy.  Keeping a clean hygienic restroom is an area overlooked by many business owners, yet doing something so simple will not only make your restroom cleaner, it will also save you loads of cash from monthly paper towel costs while saving energy, trees, land-fill space, and other precious resources.

The only area paper towel is still a fairly decent choice is near the restroom doors where people may wish to use paper to exit without making contact with the door handle.  For this reason, ProDryers offers the ExitTowel system by Palmer Fixture.  The Exit Towel is much smaller than a standard paper towel and offers a cost effective way for opening doors on the way out of a restroom.  Stop wasting money today, call 888-50-DRYER or visit www.ProDryers.com and get the best prices on hygienic hand dryers with HEPA filters that eliminate 99.97% of all bacteria in the air.  No paper towel on earth can top that!

High Traffic Restroom Hand Dryers

Choose the best hand dryer

You have many choices with hand dryers. Don't make the wrong one... Call ProDryers at 888-50-DRYER

What hand dryers are the best for high traffic usage for restrooms in facilities such as zoos, theme parks, stadiums, colleges, universities, city parks, state parks, tourist & attraction hot spots, busy office buildings, movie theaters, baseball parks, softball complexes, fitness centers, gyms, and anywhere that very high volume of restroom traffic may occur?

Choosing the right hand dryer for high traffic restrooms can be difficult and confusing as so many brands exist today.  Each manufacturer claims the best hand dryer for the job.  Truth is, there are top solutions that will do the job better than others.  It’s just like buying a vacuum.  Every manufacturer claims their vacuum is superior to the others.  They can’t all be right.  Reading material over the internet won’t get you real honest answers.  And buying from generic, over-sized companies that have no expertise in hand dryers won’t get you the best solutions and answers either.  Call us at 888-50-DRYER or 888-503-7937 and we’ll tell you honest opinions from honest historical data on which hand dryers outperform others in high traffic, high volume restroom facilities.

We carry all major brands at ProDryers from Excel Dryer’s USA made Xlerator hand dryer, American Dryer’s USA made EXTREMEAIR, the Dyson Airblade, all World Dryer brands from the all new SlimDri, the SmartDri, the well known Airforce, and much more.  At ProDryers, we only carry the best hand drying solutions.  Many manufacturers from all over the world approach us, yet still, we offer only the hand dryers we believe will provide a high quality solution.  We aren’t out just for sales; we are dedicated to producing happy customers.  Over 40% of our customers are repeat buyers.

Stop reading so heavily into material provided by each manufacturer and call us to find out the best solution for your high traffic restroom.  It’s all marketing and not that complicated.    We are complete experts in hand dryers and the features that each provide.  We also provide over 2500 restroom products to offer the most complete restroom solutions online today.

ProDryers.com is your most reliable, trusted source for hand dryers and more.  Call 888.50-DRYER now!

ProDryers, The Complete Solution to Hand Dryers and All Commercial Restroom Needs

At ProDryers, With Over 2500 Restroom Products, Your Choices Are Endless

At ProDryers, With Over 2500 Restroom Products, Your Choices Are Endless

ProDryers® offers the best quality brand hand dryers and over 2500 restroom products from all major manufacturers such as American Dryer, Dyson, Excel Dryer, World Dryer, Mitsubishi, ASI, Bobrick, Bradley, Palmer Fixture, Koala, Saniflow, and more.

You’ll find everything and anything related to a public restroom from baby changing stations, grab bars, soap dispensers, mirrors, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, combination units, tampon / napkin vendors, toilet tissue dispensers, facial tissue dispensers, hospital restroom accessories, prison bathroom accessories, toilet partitions, hair dryers for gyms and locker rooms, restroom door signs, ADA handicap compliant bathroom products, automatic faucets, automatic flush valves, water free urinals,  shower seats, waste receptacles, and more.

Not only is ProDryers a leading master distributor for amazing, energy efficient hand dryers like the American Dryer ExtremeAir, Excel Dryer Xlerator, and Dyson Airblade.  But all superior, elite hand dryer models by World Dryer, such as, the Smartdri, SlimDri, and Airforce.

ProDryers is a true “one stop shop” for commercial restroom supplies.  With an arsenal of public washroom supplies, astonishing low prices, and out of this world customer service, ProDryers is one of the most trusted commercial restroom distribution centers in the United States.

When it comes to hand dryers, ProDryers offers top industry knowledge on all major brands.  We go a step further and educate users on different model features and how each hand dryer compares to each other and how each compares to cost savings with paper towel.  Consider our educational site: Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels or www.HandDryersVsPaperTowels.com.

Here is just a helpful list of some of the restroom products we suggest:

  • American Dryer GXT9 Extreme Air Hand Dryer: offers universal voltage of 100-240 which auto adjusts to the electrical signals detected.  Consider the EXT7 ExtremeAir for installations of up to 3 hand dryers on one line, making this hand dryer our best solution for schools looking to save on electrical consumption.  Buy the American made GXT9 Extreme Air hand dryer at the absolute best price with free same day shipping now!
  • Excel Dryer Xlerator Hand Dryer:  A leading high speed hand dryer which offers a 10 second dry time.  It’s also USA made and is one of our most durable, reliable products.  The XL-BW white Xlerator hand dryer is a true industry leader.  The lowest prices coupled with free same day shipping make ProDryers one of the most trusted and reliable Xlerator hand dryer distributors in the United States.
  • Dyson Airblade:  This Dyson hand dryer costs only $35 per year to operate.  It’s the most certifiably hygienic hand dryer on the planet carrying NSF and HACCP hygiene certifications.  The Hepa filter eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria, and it uses a 400 MPH blast if wind which acts like windshield wipers, literally wiping hands dry in just 12 seconds.  It’s very prestigious and often found in casinos, airports, stadiums, schools, colleges, universities, car dealerships, restaurants, bakeries, night clubs, fitness centers (gyms), and much more.  The AB04 Grey Dyson Airblade is a favorite choice at ProDryers.
  • All World Dryer hand dryers have been some of the most popular machines for over 60 years.  ProDryers offers a full range of World Dryer models, but our most popular are the SmartDri K-974, the SlimDri L-974, and the Airforce J-974.
  • Koala KB200 Baby Changing Station:  Koala is a leader when it comes to commercial restroom diaper changing stations and baby changing tables.  The KB200 cream is one of our best-selling baby changing stations.  When installed properly, it is ADA compliant because it’s around 4” thick when closed.  It’s a horizontal surface mounted diaper station and it does the job for under $200 (at the time of this article).  The KB200 by Koala is always in stock at ProDryers, and we carry every color.  Buy the Koala KB200 baby changing station at the absolute best price found anywhere and get free same day shipping!  Need something a touch nicer, like stainless steel?  Checkout the new KB200-SS baby changing station.  It has all the features of the KB200 but the design will upgrade the look of any restroom immediately.
  • ASI 9012 Baby Changing Station:  ASI is a leader in washroom accessories.  The 9012 horizontal baby changing station is an outstanding buy at a low price of just $167 (at the time of this article).  At this price, it’s no wonder why this diaper station is a top choice at ProDryers.  The ASI 9012 baby changing station is ADA compliant when closed and offers an amazing 250 lb. capacity with a built-in sanitary liner dispenser.
  • ASI Paper Towel Combination Units:  ASI has a wide variety of paper towel combination units.  Let’s face it, even though hand dryers cut paper towel costs and conserve precious resources while keeping restrooms more hygienic, still many customers still prefer the paper towel.  In these situations, ASI has many popular models to choose from such as the popular ASI 0462-AD paper towel dispenser and waste receptacle.
  • Custodial Accessories: ProDryers carries a large selection of custodial accessories such as mop and broom holder / racks.  We carry high quality products from ASI, Bobrick, and Bradley.
  • Shower Accessories for Hotels, Hospitals, Health Clubs and More:  ProDryers offers hard to find curtain rods, shower seats, and shower soap dispensers.  Consider the ASI 170 retractable shower seat – front mounting for the perfect solution for shower seating.
  • Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers:  Some of the most common places to use toilet seat cover dispensers are hotels, hospitals, and fitness centers just to name a few.  ProDryers carries a large variety of toilet seat cover dispensers from ASI, Bobrick, Bradley, and Palmer Fixture.  Consider the ASI 9477 toilet seat cover dispenser by American Specialties (ASI).
  • Healthcare and Hospital Products:  ProDryers offers hard to find products for hospitals and healthcare facilities making patients and caregivers lives easier.  The ASI 0349 foot operated surgical soap dispenser, ASI 0515 turntable specimen pass box, and ASI 0551 recessed bedpan and urinal cabinet are all popular choices in the healthcare industry and just a few examples of what we carry.
  • Toilet Paper Dispensers:   ProDryers carries a wide range of toilet tissue dispensers from surface mounted, recessed, and even partition-mounted units. The ASI 0040 surface mounted twin 9″ jumbo roll toilet tissue dispenser is a great choice for 9” jumbo rolls.
  • Sanitary Napkin / Tampon Vending Machines:  When it comes to feminine hygiene in public restrooms, all too often, businesses overlook the importance of providing a sanitary, hygienic solution.  At ProDryers, you’ll find the widest range of feminine hygiene solutions from ASI and Bobrick.  We offer over 2 pages of tampon vending machines to browse through.
  • Security Accessories for Prisons and Detention Centers:  Shop our low prices and great sales on stainless steel mirrors with rounded corners or security grab bars.  We carry hard to find security accessories from ASI and Bradley.
  • Restroom Mirrors:  ProDryers offers mirrors from all major manufacturers such as ASI, Bobrick, and Bradley.  When purchasing mirrors online, you’re receiving lowest pricing and free shipping.  We recommend ASI brand restroom mirrors.  All of our mirrors will come double wrapped for safer shipping!
  • Automatic Faucets and Flush Valves:  The touch-less flush valves and automatic faucets conserve water and reduce maintenance costs.  At ProDryers, we promote the Hydrotek brand of automatic flush valves and faucets.  Our Hydrotek flush valves and faucets utilize superior design and durability.  Ask us about our test cases to prove it!  We’ve had airports switch from other well-known brands because they didn’t do the job!  Consider the Hydrotek H-1000C-DC Lavatory Automatic Sensor Faucet, 4″ Center-Set, Non-mixing, ADA Compliant, AC Powered w/ DC Backup, Vandal Resistant or the Hydrotek H-8000C-ADC Automatic Flush Valve, AC Powered, 1.6 GPF Closet, 1″ Stop and 1-1/2″ Top Spud, w/ DC Backup, ADA Compliant.  Both are superior in comparison with other leading brands.
  • Grab Bars:  We offer a very large variety of grab bars from ASI, Bobrick, and Bradley.   Regardless of the size, mounting, or style, we carry everything from peened, concealed mounting, all to floor, shower grab bars, bath tub grab bars, stall grab bars, partition grab bars, straight grab bars, 38 mm, 18 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch, and higher custom sized grab bars.
  • Soap Dispensers:  Our range of soap dispensers spans 5 manufacturers and several brands from ASI, Bobrick, Bradley, Saniflow, and Palmer Fixture.  You are sure to find the best quality soap dispensers, all styles, all finishes.  Regardless of stainless steel, brushed or polished, plastic, wall mounted, counter-top mounted, recessed, ADA compliant, vandal proof, liquid, foam, etc., you name it, we have it!

It’s simple; with over 2500 commercial restroom products and leadership in providing expertise in hand dryers along with the lowest prices and fast free shipping on all hand dryer brands, ProDryers® is the best solution to all your commercial restroom needs.  Call 888-50-DRYER or visit us on the web today!


American Dryer Extreme Air Hand Dryer Used In Stadiums, Venues, National Parks, Airports, Universities, Health Departments, and More

Extreme Air GXT9 EXT7 Hand Dryer Livonia, MI

Buy the Hand Dryer made in Livonia Michigan and Save 98% on Paper Towel Costs

Buy the small, compact, high speed, 10 second ExtremeAir hand dryer on sale at the lowest price and get free shipping at ProDryers, the #1 trusted source for hand dryers!  This hand dryer has it all.  It’s stylish, small, comes in a variety of covers, features universal voltage, is equipped with a full adjustable motor for quieter operation, uses an antimicrobial infused delivery system, and saves up to 98% on costs associated with paper towel.  The green and hygienic ExtremeAir is USA made in Livonia, Michigan and comes with a 5 year premium warranty. There isn’t a better hand dryer on the market.  The ExtremeAir is used in many facilities, but here is a short impressive list:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Everglades National Park
  • Ultimate Soccer Arenas (Worlds largest indoor soccer arena)
  • US Department of Energy (because it’s so green!)
  • Miami Dade Health Department (because it’s so hygienic)
  • Chicago O’Hare Airport
  • University of Michigan
  • Michigan State University
  • Central Michigan University
  • Clemson University
  • Harvard
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Santa Fe Unified School District
  • LaGuardia Community College, NY

At ProDryers, we have sold many thousands of ExtremeAir hand dryers, and we are proud to claim after 5 years of selling the ExtremeAir, it is one of our best units in terms of reliability.  The new GXT9 and EXT7 models have had very few issues.  And in rare cases where the dryers needed to be handled under warranty, American Dryer has been an outstanding manufacturer to deal with as they handle the rare issues quickly.  That is a very important fact to keep in mind when purchasing.  This is a solid product that you can rely on to cut your paper towel costs and reduce vandalism such as clogged toilets.  The ExtremeAir is sure to impress customers and restroom users and will last on average of 7-10 years.  The amount of money saved in paper towel costs will pay for the dryer in months.  Buy it now at ProDryers.com and get fast same day free shipping!

Hand Dryers and Baby Changing Stations In Car Dealership Restrooms

My 3 year old son / hand dryer expert from ProDryers.com was very disappointed in a local car dealership.  We had to pick up a new lease yesterday, and Mathew’s favorite objects on earth are cars.  He just couldn’t pass up the chance of visiting the car dealership and seeing all the different cars.  I even took him out in the huge garage where he was amazed to see mechanics working on cars everywhere.  It was like Christmas for him.  However, the dealership took its time with us and soon, Mathew had to go potty.  He isn’t the easiest kid to get to use the bathroom when we are out in public places.  Being the hand dryer expert that he is, I can usually get him into the men’s room by asking him if he thinks they might have hand dryers in the restroom.  He is always curious.  This time, he was very disappointed that they only had paper towel; and the dispensers were out of paper to make it worse.  Paper mess was visible throughout the restroom, and the hygiene level was one of the worst we have seen in a restroom.  To make matters worse, there were no baby changing stations available for parents that had babies.  Mathew said “it’s dirty daddy”; he wasn’t happy at all.

This car dealership has put heavy efforts into the design and lighting of the showroom, as any dealership would.  But to overlook the importance of a hygienic, family-friendly restroom is a mistake many businesses make.  The percentage of buyers browsing the showroom that may need to use the restroom is far too high to ignore.  Leaving a bad feeling from the restroom experience can create a negative perception of the car dealership as a whole.  I know in Mathew’s case, it did.  And the percentage of car shoppers that have small children with them, or even babies, may be small, but still, the number is too important to overlook.  It is vital to a business’s reputation to create a positive experience in 100% of the situations a customer may encounter, and that means the restroom as well.

We have had positive success stories from car dealerships that have purchased prestigious hand dryers such as the Dyson Airblade or Mitsubishi Jet Towel.  The customers leave the restroom feeling as they should in this type of an environment.  The Dyson Airblade hand dryer and Mitsubishi Jet Towel are hygienic, high quality, and on the cutting edge of technology; both the perfect hand dryers for car dealerships where impressing the customer is an important step of converting shoppers to buyers.  These hand dryers will even create a free word-of-mouth advertising campaign, and may even lead to some viral activity on social networks.  And if that isn’t enough reason to install the Dyson Airblade or Mitsubishi Jet Towel, think of all the money a dealership can save annually in paper towel costs.

Stay tuned for Mathew’s next restroom experience in his quest for the most hygienic restrooms.

Noise Reduction Nozzle XLerator Hand Dryers

The XLerator hand dryer is top quality and industry standard. It is high speed and drys hands completely in 10 to 15 seconds. All high speed hand dryers are louder than slower traditional hand dryers.  However, the Xlerator offers a solution for facilities that need to reduce the noise levels of high speed hand dryers, giving you the energy efficiency of green eco-friendly hand dryers while still keeping the noise levels below 80 decibels.  The XLerator hand dryer offers a noise reduction nozzle free of charge. Installing the nozzle in the dryer reduces the noise level by about 10 decibels. While reducing the noise level it also will add only a couple seconds to the dry time which is hardly noticeable.  For quiet offices and churches the noise reduction will keep your employees and restroom users satisfied and not bothered by the small amount of noise coming from the restrooms.

From my experience in using high speed hand dryers in quiet settings, it has never been an issue. Usually behind the closed door of the restroom the noise is barely heard outside of it. But if for some reason the amount of noise that does leak out is a problem, noise reduction nozzles have offered a solution. If your facility isn’t super sound sensitive the noise reduction nozzle isn’t necessary. Unless the building you are in is quieter than average the noise level of the high speed hand dryer has rarely ever been a problem. To reduce the noise level of your XLerator hand dryer, visit us at ProDryers.com or ProRestrooms.com to order your noise reduction nozzle today!  Call us at 888-50-DRYER and request the Xlerator with the noise reduction nozzel at no additional cost and still enjoy our super fast same day FREE shipping!