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Have you heard about the new Storm hand dryers?  At ProDryers we carry all the major brands of hand dryers including the newest line of Storm hand dryers.  The storm series includes the well-known BluStorm hand dryer, the EcoStorm hand dryer, and the newest technology in restroom hand dryers, the iStorm.  The iStorm dries hands in 10-15 seconds like most high speed hand dryers do, but it combines the best features of most machines into one unit.  Features such as fast dry times, hygienic filtration, quieter operation than other high speed units, capturing water and keep walls and floors dry, unique stylish design suited for professional facilities such as car dealerships, dentist offices, physician offices, casinos, airports, and more.

The iStorm is unique because its design utilizes a ceramic absorbent plate that captures most of the water as the 3 air outlets drive water back and away from the user.  This hand dryer minimizes splash-back and much of the water is naturally absorbed through the ceramic absorbent plate.  The iStorm also features a drip tray much like the Mitsubishi Jet Towel where water is prevented from hitting the walls and floors.  It’s also quieter than most other high speed hand dryers, yet it still offers a high and low switch to make it even quieter if desired.  It filters through 3 layers with a HEPA/Carbon/Anti-Bacteria system that eliminates 99.97% of all bacteria in the air before it’s blown onto the hands.  No paper towel can compare hygienically.  The iStorm is super-stylish with a unique design making it easier to use and more appealing to the eye as it improves on the restroom décor.

ProDryers is a master distributor of all major hand dryers such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, the Dyson Airblade hand dryers, World Dryer models such as the SlimDri and SmartDri, and much more.  Get the absolute best price, best customer service, best product support, best product knowledge and everything ships free to anywhere in the contiguous US.  There is no better place on earth to buy hand dryers!  Call 888-50-DRYER now!

How Much Money Can Hand Dryers Save In Paper Towel and Maintenance Costs?

Hand DryersWell this isn’t exactly rocket science as some companies and seasoned sales people may pitch.  You really don’t need anyone using pushy sales tactics trying to convince you on numbers.  That’s the difference with ProDryers; we aren’t sales people.  We don’t use pushy tactics.  Most of our customers come to us.  We will never pressure you in any way on buying anything.  We don’t have to.

Why would you need a sales person to tell you what is just basic math?   How much do you spend on paper towel per year?  Well, there is your answer.  Paper towels can be totally eliminated if you really want.  Of course it depends on your facility and the types of users the restroom encounters.  For example, a restaurant has customers; we all know some people prefer paper towel.  They may prefer paper towel over hand dryers altogether.  They may prefer to use paper towel for opening doors when exiting the restroom.  They may actually believe paper towels are more hygienic than hand dryers.   In these cases, you just can’t afford to ignore your customer base.  Visit hand dryers vs. paper towels to read case studies and get proof on how hand dryers are superior to paper towels hygienically.  However, the fact is, not everyone believes hand dryers are more hygienic and sanitary than paper towels yet.  Whatever the case, you may have to provide a combination of paper towel dispensers and hand dryers. 

With ProDryers, you get the best customer service possible, the best prices possible, and the fastest (free) shipping on all major brands.  Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews.  At ProDryers, we understand every customer is unique and requires a complete understanding of the business, the users, customers, employees, etc.; we aren’t just trying to push hand dryers on businesses and using the “save money” tag.  Of course hand dryers will save businesses money, and of course we state the obvious, but we go deeper.  We aren’t just hitting huge school projects and bidding all day long.  We get the opportunity to talk to many thousands of buyers from large facilities to small business owners such as bars, restaurants, car dealerships, doctor offices, dental offices, daycare centers, and much more.  We go the extra step for each and every one of them, regardless of the money we stand to make.  We take the time to understand which hand dryer would be best for the situation at hand, and then guide our customers on how to best encourage the users to gravitate towards the hand dryer and not the paper towel.   For example, a zoo may need a super-fast hand dryer that stands up to major punishment and abuse.  It may get over 1,000 uses per day.  Durability and dry time is most important.  The doors are often left open or non-existent so exit towels are not needed.  Zoo restrooms and the like could clutter very fast with paper towels.  People can stuff the toilets with paper towels.  The floors become a mess of paper quickly and it requires cost in maintenance wages to constantly clean up.  In this case, we might suggest eliminating paper towel by 100% using one of the two USA made high speed hand dryers such as the Xlerator hand dryer or the Extreme Air.  Dyson has come out with the Dyson Airblade V hand dryer and the Dyson Airblade Tap, which would also be a great fit for this scenario.  The new Dyson Airblade hand dryers should hit the US market soon.

At ProDryers, we don’t push our way into your restroom.  Most of our customers come to us.  And we treat each customer with the concept that we’d like to build a long lasting relationship.  Call us at 888-50-DRYER or visit us at today and we’ll take the time to understand your business before we make suggestions on cutting costs in your commercial restroom.

Funny Hand Dryer Uses – from Drying Babies Butts, Dogs, Fingers, Toes, to Super Sweaty Armpits, The ExtremeAir Does it All

If you haven’t seen our latest hand dryer video, check it out. The ExtremeAir hand dryer has a face and even talks. He gets used and abused by the craziest people. One must wonder what a hand dryer really sees in its lifetime. And… the life of a hand dryer is 7-10 years on average. Imagine all the scenarios a hand dryer must be confronted with. If a hand dryer could talk, what stories would it tell us? We’ve all seen those drunken video postings on YouTube where drunk girls (even dudes, but we don’t care about them!) let the hand dryer blow massive air into their mouths and force their faces to ripple like a splash on a still pond. It doesn’t seem fun and doesn’t seem funny either, but it sure seems to entertain the drunk ladies (and dudes – cut it out guys, we don’t want to see it!).

In this video, we tried to keep it fun while focusing on the funny people in the restroom and how it would look from a hand dryer’s point of view. All of the actors in the video were locals to the Livonia, Michigan area. A couple high school students from Churchill high school were used.  A huge thanks from the ProDryers team goes out to their efforts.

This video may haunt some the next time a public restroom is used. You may visualize the hand dryer watching, and talking to you. You may wonder what he is saying to you…

As always, get the best prices on all hand dryers such as the ExtremeAir (sorry, it doesn’t really talk), the Xlerator hand dryer, the Dyson Airblade, all World Dryer models (consider the L-974 SlimDri ADA compliant surface-mounted high speed hand dryer), the newest technology on the block – the iStorm hand dryer, and so much more.

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Read our public reviews. We are here to help!

Dyson Airblade Drives New Technology in Hand Dryers, What’s Coming Next?

Hand Dryers, Dyson Airblade, Xlerator Hand Dryer

Dyson came into the hand dryer market with a bang introducing the Dyson Airblade.  It was different, it was innovative, and it was received very well.  So what is so unique about the Dyson Airblade vs. other hand dryers?

Dyson Airblade Best Price offers the absolute best price on the Dyson Airblade. Free 2 day shipping is available.

The Air Knife technology makes the Dyson hand dryer unique from most hand dryers.  Air Knife is a technology used in the industrial world when stripping liquids from solids.  The Dyson dryer strips water from hands (both sides simultaneously) at 400 MPH.  It’s very hard to argue that any hand dryer today dries hands faster than the Dyson Airblade.  The technology it uses is just superior when it comes down to dry time, but many units are not noticeably slower.  Units like the Xlerator hand dryer or American Dryer ExtremeAir hand dryer dry hands in about 15 seconds, yet cost 1/3 what a Dyson normally sells at.

The Airblade uses a HEPA filter to eliminate 99.97% of all bacteria in the air.  It is the only hand dryer to have NSF and HACCP certifications even for food safe usage on food lines or kitchens where food is prepared.  Only the AB02 Aluminum Airblade carries the HACCP food safe approval.

ADA compliance with the Airblade is achieved without the need to recess the dryer as it can be detected by a cane when installed properly.  It’s mounted at a height where anyone can use it from children to people in wheelchairs.  Dyson offered a solution to just about every challenge with a hand dryer.

Watch the Dyson Airblade Video to learn more or visit our Dyson Airblade Review page.

So what’s next for Dyson?  As a master distributor for the Airblade, we are waiting just as eagerly as the public.  So far Dyson has spawned changes to the hand dryer industry as other manufacturers have taken off the gloves.  Many new products are coming out, but one that has already hit the market is the iStorm hand dryer by Palmer Fixture.   This hand dryer is very unique and offers the very latest in hand drying technology.  The iStorm combines many of the features from all of the top hand dryers into one single unit, yet it also offers a unique design and changes the game in how future hand dryers may be built.  The iStorm is designed so the user places the hands inside a circular frame.  As the hands are placed inside the circle, air from 3 different directions drives the water down and away from the hands.  The water is confronted by an absorbent ceramic plate that captures most of the water while the remaining water is drained through to a drip tray.  The iStorm utilizes a super-filter that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria through a 3 layered filter system from HEPA, carbon, and antibacterial.  The design of this hand dryer is causing quite a stir in the hand dryer world.  It also offers an on/off heat switch and an adjustable motor for controlling sound and speed.  

This leaves us wondering where Dyson will go next.  Will they improve on the existing Airblade or will they introduce a whole new solution to drying hands?  The world waits…

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Installing a Hand Dryer is Cheap and Easy

Extreme Air Hand Dryer

The ExtremeAir is easy to Install!

Installing a hand dryer is not expensive at all when you consider the cost of the hand dryer and savings it offers vs. paper towel.  At, you’ll find the lowest prices anywhere with free shipping.  Buying from gives you the ultimate savings in hand dryer costs and all you need to do is find an electrician to install it.  Electricians charge $75-$125 to install a hand dryer in most cases.  Installation is simple and easy when it comes to advanced hand dryers such as the ExtremeAir by American Dryer.  The Extreme Air will take signals of the electrical and auto-configure itself to run anywhere from 100-240 volts, plus it will adjust the hertz and amps as needed.  The makes the installation job much easier on the electrician and ultimately saves the customer extra expenses associated with complicated installs.

Extreme Air Hand Dryer is Easy to Install

The ExtremeAir is GreenSpec listed, helps facilities qualify for LEED credits, operates at high speeds of 10 seconds, offers an adjustable motor to control sound and speed for quieter operation, plus it’s infused with an antimicrobial delivery system that reduces the spread of bacteria and germs.  Buy the most compact American made high speed hand dryer at the unbeatable rock-bottom prices at ProDryers now, or call 888-50-DRYER for a quick and easy order.  You’ll be saving paper towel costs in no time with our industry leading same day, free shipping!  We even ship the ExtremeAir for free to Hawaii and Alaska!

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Mathew the 3 Year Old Hand Dryer Review Expert Strikes Again

My 3 year old son Mathew, the hand dryer review expert from ProDryers was at it again this past weekend when we took him to a local indoor mini-golf, go-cart, jump-zone, laser tag, bumper cars, mini-bowling, and arcade. It’s an all in one family fun zone. Mathew had the time of his life for 3 long hours before he finally gave into his urge to go potty. Of course, the restroom was missing his favorite feature, a high speed hygienic hand dryer. Mathew’s first notice was the lack of hand dryers, and he just frowned. The paper towel machine was working just fine, which was a relief to both of us as we have all too often experienced paper towel dispensers that clear ran out of paper. However, the waste receptacle was overflowing with paper towel and the floors were filled with the unhygienic paper mess. Businesses should consider moving from paper towel to the powerful energy efficient hand dryers that pay for themselves in just a few short months of paper towel cost savings. Even when eliminating paper towel is not an option, at least majorly reducing the waste of paper towel can be achieved.

Hand Dryers Eliminate Paper Mess

A Clean, Hygienic Restroom Leaves a Positive Impression

Mathew suggests the Xlerator, ExtremeAir or Dyson Airblade. All three are his favorite machines, and all three are high quality products.

Saniflow Introduces The Super Fast Machflow Electric Hand Dryer

Machflow hand dryer

Saniflow has introduced the all new Machflow hand dryer as the newest hand dryer to hit the market.  The Machflow moves air at speeds up to 203 MPH, blasting hands dry in 10 seconds.  This unique hand dryer uses no heating element and offers an adjustable motor allowing customization for facilities that require a quiet, yet effective hand dryer.  The Machflow comes in white epoxy, bright stainless steel, and satin stainless steel covers.  The design offers an elegant look and feel for the finest of restrooms.  The Machflow is a great fit for high traffic restrooms such as stadiums, venues, rest areas, zoos, fitness centers, gyms, health clubs, hotels, public schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, car dealerships, casinos, airports, state parks, city parks, public swimming pools, camp grounds, and more.

The Saniflow Machflow hand dryer is also a good choice for schools and daycare centers where small children are present.  Small children are often intimidated by loud noise, and hot air.  With the Machflow, the motor can be adjusted to allow a softer hand drying experience, plus the air blown onto the hands is cool air.

The Saniflow Machflow hand dryer completes Saniflow’s full high speed product line.  By offering 3 unique high speed hand dryers, the ADA compliant Speedflow, ADA compliant Dualflow, and Machflow, give Saniflow a complete product offering to fit every facilities fast hand drying requirements.

The Machflow is also one of the quietest high speed hand dryers on the market.  Saniflow claims the decibel range is 68-75.  The Machflow also offers a unique design to reduce vibrations and increase motor life.  It’s backed by a manufacturer’s 10 year limited parts warranty.  The Machflow offers universal voltage of 110-240 and will auto configure itself to run on whatever voltage is detected, making installation less complicated and less expensive while it reduces the risk of human error.

There are other hand dryers that operate similarly to the Machflow.  One outstanding USA made hand dryer to consider is the ExtremeAir EXT hand dryer.  The EXT7 (Extreme Air EXT) also offers an adjustable motor with no heating element.  Both of these hand dryers are very comparable, and either one is actually a solid choice where and adjustable motor and heat-less drying experience is desired.  The ExtremeAir GXT9 and EXT7 series hand dryers also offer universal voltage that will detect which voltage should be utilized.

Why choose a heat-less, cool air hand dryer?  Besides the reason where small children may prefer the no heat hand dryers, heat-less hand dryers also save more energy than hand dryers with the heating element.  The Machflow hand dryer can use as little as 420 watts at the lowest setting whereas the Extreme Air EXT series hand dryers use about 540 watts (Hardly a noticeable difference).  However, the heating element along with the fastest dry times usually results in about 1500 watts for most high speed, warm air hand dryers.  The Machflow uses 1150 watts at the highest setting due to the lack of heat.  To get an idea of what this means, American Dryer has made it simple with the Extreme Air.  They have two versions.  1.  The EXT (no heat), and 2. The GXT (with heat).  Basically, the EXT can cost as little as 18 cents to operate per 1,000 uses, and the GXT or heated version can cost around 42 cents per 1,000 uses.  Using this measurement, we can get a feel for what other high speed electric hand dryers may cost to operate, and you’ll find they are all very effective at saving electricity.