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If you are reading this blog, chances are you are interested in one of our niche market ecommerce specialty sites.  ProDryers, ProDrinkingFountains, ProFloorMachines, and MRDIndustrial are just a few of our shopping experiences.  We have a team of compassionate customer care professionals that handle all of our order processing and customer service under one company.  Although each shopping experience is unique and distinct to a specific market, everything is handled by the same company; Category Five Technologies, INC..

Hand Dryers and Over 2500 Restroom Products

Hand Dryers and Over 2500 Restroom Products

It all started with, where we have become a master distributor of hand dryers for commercial restrooms offering only the best of brands such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator hand dryer, the Dyson Airblade and more along with over 2500 restroom products.  Some of our top selling hand dryers include the following:

Although we offer much more (many hundreds of hand dryers and other products), it’s difficult to mention much more in this article.  We source these hand dryers (and much more) direct from the manufacturers in bulk enabling us to offer the absolute best price found anywhere in addition to fast free shipping.  We simply cannot be beat on the above products.  The above products are superior built, long lasting, durable and reliable products.  We have a long enough history to identify the above as 2 of our top manufacturers when it comes to quality.

Our second store was designed around 2007; ProDrinkingFountains.  We offer top quality drinking fountains such as Elkay, Oasis, Haws and more.  We also offer bottle filling stations, indoor drinking fountains, outdoor drinking fountains, commercial sinks, and faucets just to name a few of our plumbing supplies.  We offer super low pricing along with 100% free shipping to anywhere in the continental US.  Shopping for a drinking fountain can be difficult.  That’s why we designed our shopping experience to move our shoppers quickly to the exact product or style of drinking fountain being searched.

ProFloorMachines and MRDIndustrial are functional but still in the early development stages.  We have many more domains (more than 150) waiting to be developed into pleasurable shopping experiences.  Look for more Category Five Technologies, INC stores soon.

You can trust that our team of customer care professionals will always handle you with a high level of importance.  We hope to earn your trust for life, not just for one sale.

Why ProDryers, the Restroom Giant?

ProDryers is the top trusted hand dryer and restroom supply shop available today.  As a family-owned small business, we offer elite customer care.  It’s nearly impossible to beat our prices on hand dryers.  We stock in high volumes to offer the absolute best prices with the fastest (free) shipping possible.  We are true experts on all major hand dryer brands such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator, Dyson Airblade, Dyson Airblade Tap, Dyson Airblade V, American Dryer ExtremeAir, World Dryer SmartDri, World Dryer SlimDri, Palmer Fixture BluStorm, Saniflow Speedflow, Saniflow Dualflow Plus, and so much more.

ProDryers is a leading national hand dryer supplier and the hand dryer guru.  By offering over 2500 restroom accessories and products, ProDryers has become the industry leader in restroom supply.  We carry only the best in quality with Bobrick, Bradley, ASI, and Palmer Fixture.  Buy everything from baby changing stations, soap dispensers, grab bars, paper towel dispensers, restroom mirrors, toilet paper dispensers, and more.  We are the true one-stop restroom super-store.

Learn more about how we started by visiting our parent company, Category Five Technologies, INC., or learn more on bacteria, germs, and paper towel at hand dryers vs. paper towels.

Call now for free advice on choosing the best hand dryer for the job.  Not all hand dryers are created equal so call us!  Call 888-50-DRYER or 888-503-7937 now!

The Hand Dryer Guru

The Hand Dryer Guru

ProDryers is a true hand dryer guru specializing in all major brand hand dryers such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator, the Dyson Airblade, the American Dryer ExtremeAir, the World Dryer SlimDri and so much more.  Regardless if you just need advice on which hand dryers best fit your exact needs, or if you need a full comparison on top brands vs. alternatives like the Dyson Airblade vs. the Saniflow Dualflo Plus, we have the expertise and knowledge of all top brand hand dryers that tops all competition.  There’s not a hand dryer question we can’t normally answer immediately.  We truly know our business like nobody’s business and we’re here to help educate our shoppers and help make the best choices in hand drying solutions so they become loyal, long-term buyers.

Our Top Brands

We promote only the best of hand dryer brands.  If you want our honest opinion, call us at 888-503-7937.  All Hand Dryers are not created equal.  There are a few elite brands on the market that last 7-10 years on average or even longer.  There are brands that truly hold up with durability and have a proven history of pure quality.  We’d love to talk to our customers before they buy to make sure their highest expectations are met.  Some of our most trusted brands are the Excel Dryer Xlerator, the Dyson Airblade, and the American Dryer ExtremeAir.  We can even provide over 2500 restroom accessories to our customers offering the widest range of restroom product selection found anywhere.

More About the Company

ProDryers was the first company to challenge the market and bring all major high speed brands together under one hood for true consumer choice, comparison, and hand dryer review.  The old business model wasn’t working in the favor of the consumer.  People need choices, it promotes a better market.  Today, many companies or hobbies have popped up trying to replicate our success.  Many have failed and some slowly understand that to offer what we do (full range of hand dryers, free expert advice, over 2500 restroom accessories, fast free shipping, and the absolute best prices on the planet with the ability to truly offer a lowest price guarantee and not just claim it), it takes a very well trained and educated customer service staff and the ability to move quickly in an ever-changing world of technology.  We are built on customer service, technology, and accounting backgrounds.  Although ProDryers is a true hand dryer guru, we are much more than a hand dryer company.  Visit our parent company, Category Five Technologies, INC. to learn more about how we started and where we are going.  There isn’t a better company on Earth to buy industrial products from.  All of our sites are run by the same company and same beliefs.  We simply have the expertise and staff necessary to take care of each customer with a level of care that all companies should offer.

Hand Dryers | Hand Dryer Guru

The Hand Dryer Guru

When you buy from ProDryers, you’re getting the entire Category Five Technologies, INC. team working on your behalf!  Projecting over 10 million in sales for 2014, you can trust you are working with the best of the best!

Buy Coin Operated Napkin / Tampon Vendor Machines, 25 Cent, 50 Cent, or Free No Coin Operated, Low Prices, ASI, Bobrick

Tampon Vendor for Commercial Restrooms

Buy Tampon Vendors for Commercial Restrooms at Low Prices and Get Free Shipping!

ProDryers®, a leading master distributor of major brand hand dryers such as the Dyson Airblade, Xlerator, ExtremeAir, all World Dryer high speed units, and much more, has expanded to over 2500 restroom products, including Napkin / Tampon Vendors. Napkin / Tampon vendors come in surface-mounted, recessed, or semi-recessed, and come in a variety of styles from brands such as ASI and Bobrick. Compare all the Bobrick and ASI napkin / tampon vendors and review pricing of each model. Review tampon vendors from free operation to 25 cent and 50 cent coin operated machines.

All restrooms with a high traffic volume should utilize hygienic sanitary napkin and tampon vendors. These units are often found in theme parks, zoos, water parks, stadiums, hotels, night clubs, bars, casinos, venues, and more. When designing a restroom around a business, you should always plan ahead and offer a solution to every foreseeable problem. Tampon dispensers are often overlooked.

Our napkin / tampon vendor menu has been broken out for quick and easy shopping just like our restroom mirror and grab bar menus. You’ll find what you need quick and easy with low pricing and free shipping.

Choose a Napkin / Tampon Vendor subcategory:

Bullet_SubCategory for ProDryers.com25 Cent
Bullet_SubCategory for ProDryers.com50 Cent
Bullet_SubCategory for ProDryers.comNo Coin
Bullet_SubCategory for ProDryers.comRecessed
Bullet_SubCategory for ProDryers.comSemi-Recessed
Bullet_SubCategory for ProDryers.comSurface-Mounted

ProDryers is your commercial restroom super-store, plus we offer unbeatable prices, expertise, and free shipping on all major hand dryers.


ProDryers, The Complete Solution to Hand Dryers and All Commercial Restroom Needs

At ProDryers, With Over 2500 Restroom Products, Your Choices Are Endless

At ProDryers, With Over 2500 Restroom Products, Your Choices Are Endless

ProDryers® offers the best quality brand hand dryers and over 2500 restroom products from all major manufacturers such as American Dryer, Dyson, Excel Dryer, World Dryer, Mitsubishi, ASI, Bobrick, Bradley, Palmer Fixture, Koala, Saniflow, and more.

You’ll find everything and anything related to a public restroom from baby changing stations, grab bars, soap dispensers, mirrors, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, combination units, tampon / napkin vendors, toilet tissue dispensers, facial tissue dispensers, hospital restroom accessories, prison bathroom accessories, toilet partitions, hair dryers for gyms and locker rooms, restroom door signs, ADA handicap compliant bathroom products, automatic faucets, automatic flush valves, water free urinals,  shower seats, waste receptacles, and more.

Not only is ProDryers a leading master distributor for amazing, energy efficient hand dryers like the American Dryer ExtremeAir, Excel Dryer Xlerator, and Dyson Airblade.  But all superior, elite hand dryer models by World Dryer, such as, the Smartdri, SlimDri, and Airforce.

ProDryers is a true “one stop shop” for commercial restroom supplies.  With an arsenal of public washroom supplies, astonishing low prices, and out of this world customer service, ProDryers is one of the most trusted commercial restroom distribution centers in the United States.

When it comes to hand dryers, ProDryers offers top industry knowledge on all major brands.  We go a step further and educate users on different model features and how each hand dryer compares to each other and how each compares to cost savings with paper towel.  Consider our educational site: Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels or

Here is just a helpful list of some of the restroom products we suggest:

  • American Dryer GXT9 Extreme Air Hand Dryer: offers universal voltage of 100-240 which auto adjusts to the electrical signals detected.  Consider the EXT7 ExtremeAir for installations of up to 3 hand dryers on one line, making this hand dryer our best solution for schools looking to save on electrical consumption.  Buy the American made GXT9 Extreme Air hand dryer at the absolute best price with free same day shipping now!
  • Excel Dryer Xlerator Hand Dryer:  A leading high speed hand dryer which offers a 10 second dry time.  It’s also USA made and is one of our most durable, reliable products.  The XL-BW white Xlerator hand dryer is a true industry leader.  The lowest prices coupled with free same day shipping make ProDryers one of the most trusted and reliable Xlerator hand dryer distributors in the United States.
  • Dyson Airblade:  This Dyson hand dryer costs only $35 per year to operate.  It’s the most certifiably hygienic hand dryer on the planet carrying NSF and HACCP hygiene certifications.  The Hepa filter eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria, and it uses a 400 MPH blast if wind which acts like windshield wipers, literally wiping hands dry in just 12 seconds.  It’s very prestigious and often found in casinos, airports, stadiums, schools, colleges, universities, car dealerships, restaurants, bakeries, night clubs, fitness centers (gyms), and much more.  The AB04 Grey Dyson Airblade is a favorite choice at ProDryers.
  • All World Dryer hand dryers have been some of the most popular machines for over 60 years.  ProDryers offers a full range of World Dryer models, but our most popular are the SmartDri K-974, the SlimDri L-974, and the Airforce J-974.
  • Koala KB200 Baby Changing Station:  Koala is a leader when it comes to commercial restroom diaper changing stations and baby changing tables.  The KB200 cream is one of our best-selling baby changing stations.  When installed properly, it is ADA compliant because it’s around 4” thick when closed.  It’s a horizontal surface mounted diaper station and it does the job for under $200 (at the time of this article).  The KB200 by Koala is always in stock at ProDryers, and we carry every color.  Buy the Koala KB200 baby changing station at the absolute best price found anywhere and get free same day shipping!  Need something a touch nicer, like stainless steel?  Checkout the new KB200-SS baby changing station.  It has all the features of the KB200 but the design will upgrade the look of any restroom immediately.
  • ASI 9012 Baby Changing Station:  ASI is a leader in washroom accessories.  The 9012 horizontal baby changing station is an outstanding buy at a low price of just $167 (at the time of this article).  At this price, it’s no wonder why this diaper station is a top choice at ProDryers.  The ASI 9012 baby changing station is ADA compliant when closed and offers an amazing 250 lb. capacity with a built-in sanitary liner dispenser.
  • ASI Paper Towel Combination Units:  ASI has a wide variety of paper towel combination units.  Let’s face it, even though hand dryers cut paper towel costs and conserve precious resources while keeping restrooms more hygienic, still many customers still prefer the paper towel.  In these situations, ASI has many popular models to choose from such as the popular ASI 0462-AD paper towel dispenser and waste receptacle.
  • Custodial Accessories: ProDryers carries a large selection of custodial accessories such as mop and broom holder / racks.  We carry high quality products from ASI, Bobrick, and Bradley.
  • Shower Accessories for Hotels, Hospitals, Health Clubs and More:  ProDryers offers hard to find curtain rods, shower seats, and shower soap dispensers.  Consider the ASI 170 retractable shower seat – front mounting for the perfect solution for shower seating.
  • Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers:  Some of the most common places to use toilet seat cover dispensers are hotels, hospitals, and fitness centers just to name a few.  ProDryers carries a large variety of toilet seat cover dispensers from ASI, Bobrick, Bradley, and Palmer Fixture.  Consider the ASI 9477 toilet seat cover dispenser by American Specialties (ASI).
  • Healthcare and Hospital Products:  ProDryers offers hard to find products for hospitals and healthcare facilities making patients and caregivers lives easier.  The ASI 0349 foot operated surgical soap dispenser, ASI 0515 turntable specimen pass box, and ASI 0551 recessed bedpan and urinal cabinet are all popular choices in the healthcare industry and just a few examples of what we carry.
  • Toilet Paper Dispensers:   ProDryers carries a wide range of toilet tissue dispensers from surface mounted, recessed, and even partition-mounted units. The ASI 0040 surface mounted twin 9″ jumbo roll toilet tissue dispenser is a great choice for 9” jumbo rolls.
  • Sanitary Napkin / Tampon Vending Machines:  When it comes to feminine hygiene in public restrooms, all too often, businesses overlook the importance of providing a sanitary, hygienic solution.  At ProDryers, you’ll find the widest range of feminine hygiene solutions from ASI and Bobrick.  We offer over 2 pages of tampon vending machines to browse through.
  • Security Accessories for Prisons and Detention Centers:  Shop our low prices and great sales on stainless steel mirrors with rounded corners or security grab bars.  We carry hard to find security accessories from ASI and Bradley.
  • Restroom Mirrors:  ProDryers offers mirrors from all major manufacturers such as ASI, Bobrick, and Bradley.  When purchasing mirrors online, you’re receiving lowest pricing and free shipping.  We recommend ASI brand restroom mirrors.  All of our mirrors will come double wrapped for safer shipping!
  • Automatic Faucets and Flush Valves:  The touch-less flush valves and automatic faucets conserve water and reduce maintenance costs.  At ProDryers, we promote the Hydrotek brand of automatic flush valves and faucets.  Our Hydrotek flush valves and faucets utilize superior design and durability.  Ask us about our test cases to prove it!  We’ve had airports switch from other well-known brands because they didn’t do the job!  Consider the Hydrotek H-1000C-DC Lavatory Automatic Sensor Faucet, 4″ Center-Set, Non-mixing, ADA Compliant, AC Powered w/ DC Backup, Vandal Resistant or the Hydrotek H-8000C-ADC Automatic Flush Valve, AC Powered, 1.6 GPF Closet, 1″ Stop and 1-1/2″ Top Spud, w/ DC Backup, ADA Compliant.  Both are superior in comparison with other leading brands.
  • Grab Bars:  We offer a very large variety of grab bars from ASI, Bobrick, and Bradley.   Regardless of the size, mounting, or style, we carry everything from peened, concealed mounting, all to floor, shower grab bars, bath tub grab bars, stall grab bars, partition grab bars, straight grab bars, 38 mm, 18 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch, and higher custom sized grab bars.
  • Soap Dispensers:  Our range of soap dispensers spans 5 manufacturers and several brands from ASI, Bobrick, Bradley, Saniflow, and Palmer Fixture.  You are sure to find the best quality soap dispensers, all styles, all finishes.  Regardless of stainless steel, brushed or polished, plastic, wall mounted, counter-top mounted, recessed, ADA compliant, vandal proof, liquid, foam, etc., you name it, we have it!

It’s simple; with over 2500 commercial restroom products and leadership in providing expertise in hand dryers along with the lowest prices and fast free shipping on all hand dryer brands, ProDryers® is the best solution to all your commercial restroom needs.  Call 888-50-DRYER or visit us on the web today!